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  1. abellaw

    Question about 1/8 to 1/4 adapter

    I am planning on getting a new amp with a 1/4 headphone jack. But i have some headphones that are terminated in a mini (1/8). I was wondering is there any way to get like an adapter with a cable such as the grado 1/4 to 1/8 adapter. I have the more common snap on or screw on adapter. But the...
  2. abellaw

    The Blueprint 3

    Sorry i don't know if this has been discussed before but i didn't see any threads about this. Though this album is not my favorite from Jay Z but IMO it is definitely his best lyrical work since the black album. But what i really wanted to mention was the production, i love the beats on this...
  3. abellaw


    So i was fortunate enough to win 2 AMP3's at canjam but unfortunately my father took one without permission as his early father's day gift. I have only been listening to it for the last 2 days and wanted to have more time with before writing anything but i couldnt hold out any longer lol...
  4. abellaw

    Yuin PK1s impressions...Impressed

    I had to say that given the abundance of earbuds i was very reluctant to shell out the best part of 200 hundred dollars on some Yuins. But this week some PK1s were on the FS Forum and i decided i could spend a $100ish just to find out whether hype was true or not. So when i first opened the...
  5. abellaw

    Best amp for ALO-780j

    I have some Alo-780's and the more i listen to them the more i feel that they could be amped better than they my nuforce icon mobile is doing right now. From reading around the forums i have ascertained that the travagans red and the headroom micro are good matches. I was just wondering if...
  6. abellaw

    "Regular Headphones"

    So i am relatively new to head fi and an emphasis on sq. My question is since getting into high quality headphones, what is your experience with "regular" headphones. I often listen to them when checking out my friends music collections. And i am finding that often times i would rather not...