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  1. Denim

    Motherboard SPDIF to Coax

    I want to use the SPDIF header on my motherboard and connect it to a coax output to feed a DAC. I know I need ground and out from the header. Is there anything I need to look out for? Standard 1 pair, 20 guage or so solderd to a coax union (or whatever it's called). Distance fom header to coax...
  2. Denim

    DAC for tube amp

    I intend to "update" my stereo system this fall and need some advice. I have the majority of my CD's as FLAC and MP3's which will be housed in a dedicated Music Server. (Hope to have that piece completed in a month or so.) I have a set of Klipsch speakers (horn speakers) and will either find /...
  3. Denim

    Bruce Hornsby Free MP3's

    The Bruce Hornsby website is offering some free MP3 downloads for a limited time. Enjoy! (follow link below) Bruce Hornsby
  4. Denim


    I'm at a hotel near the Detroit Airport and looking out the window at a decent amount of snowfall. Anyone else getting snow yet? Huge flakes, the grass is now covered. I'm liking it! (As long as my plane flies tomorrow)
  5. Denim

    More like Little Feat

    OK music guru's, help me out. I love Little Feat, but I think I've picked up just about every CD they have put out. Where to go from here? I'm not looking for another band with the same sound, I doubt that exist. But knowing their style, who else would you recommend? I have a good...
  6. Denim

    Ground pork burger?

    Anyone make one? How are they? It was staring at the ground pork at the butchershop and wondered if you could make porkburgers out of them. I've never heard of anyone doing this before. Could be good on the grill so that the excess grease drips off. I've only used it for spaghetti sauce.
  7. Denim

    Pack your bags --found a new planet to move to!

    OK, so I jumped the gun a bit. This is a neat story anyway. A planet 20 light years away that may be able to support life. Story
  8. Denim

    Are you still a member of Head-Fi after you die?

    Strange question? Well, I bet you are. I was looking at the birthdays today and see 2 members are 95. One has no activity and the other hasn't posted in a few years. A few others were getting up there also. Then I started wondering if they were still around. That brought me to this question...
  9. Denim

    Beldon 6541FE cable - good for ...?

    The company I work for switched over to this cable. I used it for the first time a few days ago and brought some of the excess home to see what can be done with it. Here's a link to provide the details. It's basically 2 twisted pairs of 22 guage stranded copper that's shielded. I'd use...
  10. Denim

    How many submissions have you made to freebd?

    Everytime I use EAC to rip a CD, I expect freedb to have the tracks listed and present them to me. 99.9% of the time it's there. I ripped "America - Here & Now" this morning and to my surprise Disc 1 wasn't in their database. (If you rip it in the future, you can thank me for saving you a minute...
  11. Denim

    Will HD radio last?

    I'm starting to shop for a replacement car stereo and wonder if HD radio will survive? Not much choice yet on head units, and it would suck to buy one and see HD radio fail in a year or two. HD Radio Link Anyone have it now? What do you think? Does it offer enough benefits to make it a...
  12. Denim

    Wireless Hotspots?

    Any interest in building a list of free wireless areas in the US? Or does anyone know of any sites that have already done the work? I'm sitting in Sacramento Airport now and they are kind enough to let me surf for free. So many other airports want to charge a few dollars for the service. I...
  13. Denim

    New Years Day / Eve Food

    Anyone follow any special traditions with food on New Years? My wife is from Philippines and has brought some of her customs (and great food) with her. We will have Pancit Canton (Lo Mein) and 12 different fruits. Not sure why, but she'll tell me later. Can't remember if it's tonight or...
  14. Denim

    What places do you miss?

    I've seen a lot of changes to the landscape over the last few decades. Open land has turned into malls and subdivisions. Whole sections of cities getting swept away for new developments. Change will always occur, but sometimes you lose things that you wish didn't have to go. For me, I miss...
  15. Denim

    NFL Preseason starts tonight

    Yes, I know it's preseason and the games aren't the same as regular season games, but I've been waiting since January for the NFL. I'm so happy the wait is finally over. The preseason games will keep me satisifed until the regular season kicks in. Are you ready for some football?
  16. Denim

    Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

    I am continuing my musical history with this selection. I checked out "Trout Mask Replica" from the library today. I remember seeing the albums at peoples houses when I was younger. Now I know why I never heard it before. If you like Captain Beefheart, fill me in on what I'm missing. I didn't...
  17. Denim

    Request for Spell Check in threads

    I don't know if this is possible, but I'm asking anyway. Can spell check be added as an icon the the message section (window/frame/whatever it is)? (Where you enter the message.) If it's a matter of space, or number of options available, I'd be in favor of giving up the indents, justifications...
  18. Denim

    The Velvet Underground & Nico

    Considering my age, I should have heard the debut album decades ago. I finally had a chance to get a copy and haven't listened all the way through yet. So far, I'm not excited about it. I thought the critics hailed this as one of the great albums of all time. To me, it sounds rather dated. Kind...
  19. Denim

    Internet at last!

    I anticipated a few problems would come up during my move from Florida to New York, but never expected it would take over 2 weeks to get cable / phone / Internet service. The drive up in a Penske truck loaded down with all of our worthless belongings wasn't bad at all. Loaded up and left on...
  20. Denim

    I'm unemployed

    I gave my notice two weeks ago and had my exit interview today. I have been with that company for the past 13 years. I have not been in this situation my entire adult life. Ya know, it feels kind of nice! I left on good terms and wished them the best. My wife has been working in New York...
  21. Denim

    Worst Album Cover Art

    I know this has been done in the past, but what the heck, let's give it another go. Someone sent me selections of truly revolting album art. If you anything as bad, post the picture and let's get a seriously disgusting thread going. I'll start with ... For the record, I'm pretty sure...
  22. Denim

    LAME command line options help needed

    I'm trying out the command line options for LAME and I am stumped. I just got EAC 0.95beta4 and LAME 3.97beta2. (I had earlier versions previously.) This command line works: Additional command line options : -V 0 --vbr-new --add-id3v2 --pad-id3v2 --ta "%a" --tt "%t" --tl "%g" --ty "%y" --tn...
  23. Denim

    Music database options?

    What is the popular choice for music databases? It looks like the last time this question came up was in 2004. On that thread, the suggestions were collectorz & OrangeCD Catalog. They are $35 - $40, which is OK if they are all I need or want. Any other options?
  24. Denim

    What is an active guest?

    Currently Active Users: 852 (387 members and 465 guests) There are more guests than members! Does the server track each guest and they are dropped as active if they don't visit within a certain time? How long? Just curious
  25. Denim

    Help with image size

    I linked a couple pics today in a thread and they were way to big. I've seen other threads here the pic was a better size. I checked the FAQ's for help on this, but didn't see how to resize. There must be a bit of code to add with the image to do this, right?