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    best cheap isolating choice?

    just started a new job cleaning up batting cages. i have to use a leaf blower strapped to my back. needless to say, i need some phones capable of blocking it out or at least drop the noise level significantly. i'm trying not to spend a great deal of money. what would you guys suggest?
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    emu0404 setup questions.

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    QUQ'S MUSIC PICK OF THE WEEK (sorry i don't matter)

    why can't i do it? this album is one that i can't go very long without giving a listen. in my opinion, what indie rock is supposed to be like. The Dismemberment Plan - Emergency & I If you consider yourself a fan of groundbreaking pop, go out and buy this album right now. Now. Get up...
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    best way to put cmoy to use?

    so i just got some portapro 60 ohm drivers modded w/ksc75 clips. and also an evilfire black penguin cmoy. i have it running out of my soundcard's lineout. when listening what's the best way to configure the volume? should i turn winamp all the way up and use the cmoy to control the volume? or...
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    check out this package i just received.

    just got this in the mail. wasn't headphone or electronic related. just a shirt from ebay. but check out the package. the mail carrier pointed it out to me. "looks like there is a hole here.." ha, no sh|t lady. im glad it wasn't something more valuable. damn the usps.
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    so someone i sold my headphones to just showed up at my house..?

    i recently sold my modded SR225s to someone here on the forums. he sent payment on the Saturday the 18th. i ran into a couple problems getting down to the PO, but had them boxed up and was on my way out today to get them in the mail. i was going to pay for priority because of the extra time it...
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    my new Grado SR225 in MS2 clothing.

    so, i bought these phones from cantsleep here on the forums. i was worried a bit, just because i hadnt done many deals around here. i was i supposed to know for sure they were 225's in MS2 shells, you know? also, the cable was supposedly cardas, but had been stripped down to the wires...
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    differences in Grado drivers? (looks-wise)

    is there a way to tell the difference between the different Grado drivers? i just purchased some headphones from someone who claimed that they were SR225 drivers encased in MS2 covers. just wondering if there was i way i could tell for sure if they were indeed 225's. thanks.
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    mega tight budget turntable setup?

    i have tons of old player was a POS that quit working on me. i'm dying to spin these babies! my question can i get a setup and spend the least amount of money possible? can someone help me dig around on ebay? point me in the right direction? i'm talking less than $200 and...
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    iaudio m3. love it.

    been playing with my iaudio m3. had it for a couple days. and so far i love it. using mediamonkey for my transfer purposes. it tags everything perfectly. and transfers seamlessly. i love the FLAC support. just gotta wait for my modded 225's to see how they work together.
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    portable amp w/modded SR225 advice please?

    so, i sold off my HD555's and traded my SR60's + cash for some modded SR225's seen here: the mods are listed in the thread. i had them sent over to [AK]Zip to get the cable recovered and basically to make sure they are in working...
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    little help with cable covering..heatshrink?

    so i just bought these headphones from cantsleep. i'm a little concerned about the exposed cable. i have little to no DIY experience and i was wondering how difficult it would be to cover that up. since it's been modded before, i dont...