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  1. migsev

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Any cheap cable options for TF10s with stretched pins? Came from a Jaben ES8 and it widened the pinhole on my left piece. Will the Westone ES cable still fit?
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    King Kenny
  3. migsev

    Need new IEM's or some recabling advice

    Quote: I was thinking of doing that too. I've got some Jaben ES8 cables that might become redundant soon. Can you just remove the connectors on top and use them to recable any IEM?
  4. migsev

    Denon AH-C710 Review Thread

    *bump*   Has anyone tried recabling these?
  5. migsev

    SOLD OUT. Amazon deal of the day- 10 $95

    My order still says      Shipment 1 of 1 Shipping Soon Delivery Estimate: December 2, 2010 - December 3, 2010   Is this normal after 2 days? :P
  6. migsev

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    What kind of cable should I be looking at for an IEM recable? I'm browsing through navships' eBay account and I'm confused with 7 or 19 strands. Should I go with 28-30 AWG or is 26 still fine enough for an IEM?
  7. migsev

    iPod touch remote for JH5?

    I wanna get JH5s and pair it with an iPod touch. I want the option of a remote though so I don't need to take the iPod out to adjust anything. What cables/remotes would you guys recommend? So far I've only seen 3. The Fiio E1, Audio Technica AT-PHA30i (which looks hard to find), and the Sony...
  8. migsev

    Upgrading from Denon C710

    Basically I wanna upgrade from my C710s but I don't know what to upgrade to. I was very happy with how they sounded and would like something fairly similar, but obviously better. I'm looking at the JVC-Victor FX700s or Westone 3s, but I'm interested in Shure SE535s as well. The Shures appeal to...
  9. migsev

    Soundmagic PL-50 Review

    Quote: Originally Posted by mark2410 muffled? try them on some heavily vocal stuff as thats where they really shine Woah, only saw this now. Late late LATE reply due to me being swamped over the Christmas period. Muffled like I'm not getting the full sound. Its like there's...
  10. migsev

    FiiO E1 + E7 (speculation-no-more) *now guest-starring: E9

    Any info on the black E1 guys?
  11. migsev

    JVC HP-FX700

    Whats the trent with JVC? Any chance the FX500s would drop to the sub $100 mark after these come out?
  12. migsev

    Soundmagic PL-50 Review

    Trying these out and I'm a bit underwhelmed. I'm having trouble getting a good fit as the left one keeps slipping out. I wasn't expecting them to compete with my Denon C710s, but I expected a bit better. It sounds a bit muffled with the stock tips. I'll give it a while and try out the other tips.
  13. migsev

    JVC HP-FX700

    I wonder how much these'll go for?
  14. migsev

    FiiO E1 + E7 (speculation-no-more) *now guest-starring: E9

    Any update on the black E1s?
  15. migsev

    Apple IEM - most underrated IEMs on the market

    I was planning on getting these as a backup for my C710s. Demo'd them and wasn't that impressed. Do they improve after burn-in? Is there anything better for the money?
  16. migsev

    FiiO E1 + E7 (speculation-no-more) *now guest-starring: E9

    Any idea if the black E1 will come out before the year ends?
  17. migsev

    FiiO E1 + E7 (speculation-no-more) *now guest-starring: E9

    Quote: Originally Posted by ClieOS Some update: A black edition E1 will be released on the next batch. Excellent. Looks like I'll wait for this to pop up then.
  18. migsev

    FiiO E1 + E7 (speculation-no-more) *now guest-starring: E9

    Not sure if this is the right thread for it, but can anyone give me advice? I've got a 3rd gen 64gb iPod Touch and Denon C710 IEMs. Would I gain any improvement by running it through a portable amp? I'm looking at either the E1 or the E5 as they're both just $22 on head-direct.
  19. migsev

    Why do people prefer Sony Hybrid tips?

    Has anyone tried these with Denon C710s?
  20. migsev

    Life span of custom IEMs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by aegid Generally you get one or two years worth of warranty. Anything else and you'll most likely have to pay for any repairs or if the damage/issue is not covered by warranty (cables, user damage, etc) you'll have to pay for it period. As far as refits down...
  21. migsev

    Life span of custom IEMs?

    How long are custom IEMs expected to last? Whats the general policy on warranty with them? Also, can you get refits from the same company after a couple of years?
  22. migsev

    Anyone know an online retailer for C710s? (NOW IN STOCK)

    Quote: Originally Posted by ljokerl BeachAudio is fine in my experience Whoops, I meant the other websites stocking them. Its about $20 cheaper from that lenrom place. Crispdeals as well.
  23. migsev

    Punk Recommendations?

    Good recommendations so far, but its a bit hard keeping track! So many good sounding bands! Thanks a lot
  24. migsev

    JH Audio JH5pro thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Stephan Can we get some comments on sound? Seems like some people are more concerned with the look as they are about the sound, lol I think thats because nobody has any sound concerns. Haha!