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    A Little Disappointed with Shure

    Sakhai - I was just looking at the Westone 3's as a possible replacement. Thanks for the heads-up on the design issue.
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    A Little Disappointed with Shure

    Like many E500/530 owners, I experienced the cracked cable problem. When I contacted Shure about it, I got a very brief canned answer: "Please see Shure - Service Policies for directions on having your product repaired and possible pricing if it is outside of warranty." Unfortunately, my...
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    Wrong Forum, please ignore

    Reposted to portable headphones forum. Thanks vkvedam
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    Help with D2!

    You may also want to try a website called They have screen protectors for just about everything. If they do not have something for your player, they will also quote a custom screen for you. I used them to purchase a screen protector for my camera. Some of their protectors seem to...
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    Yuin PK1-PK2 impressions thread

    obentou - Sorry to see what happened to your PK1's. You might want to try putting some non-conductive epoxy on them. That should help hold everything together and you might get a little more life out of them.
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    Are boostaroo amps worth it?

    A friend of mine had one and I tried it out. I did not think that it sounded very good. It was loud, but rough. I think you would be much better off buying a good starter amp from someone upgrading their system. Lots of them to be found in the for sale forum.
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    If you are sure that IEM's are right for you, I suggest the Shure e500/530 (same IEM) - especially if you like bass. If you are not sure, you may also want to spend your $300 on a decent portable amp and some Yuin PK1 earbuds. I have both and prefer the PK1's unless I need the sound isolation.
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    Most comfortable / low fatigue earbuds / IEMs?

    I have the PK1's and the E500's. Both sound terrific in their own way. My choice usually comes down to the environment I will be using them in. If it is reasonably quiet and/or I want to be able to turn off my player and immediately be able to talk to someone, I go with the PK1's. If I want...
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    What's your favorite IEM tip for Shures, Westone, etc.?

    Like most of you, I have tried a lot of different tips on my e500's. I had a long trip a few weeks ago and was able to do a lot of back and forth tip comparisons. Overall, I found that the moded bi-flanges provided me with the best sound. However, the large Comply tips were the most comfortable...
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    Shure SE Series, best value?

    In case you are looking for a reference, I purchased my E500's from bobsound1 and it was a good experience. Quick delivery and product just as promised.
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    my shures spoiled me

    I don't know of a list of low impedence phones or even a list of manufacturers that make then. You might try a Head-fi search on a couple of key words such as "low impedence", 80 ohm, 32 ohm, etc. It might be more fun just to browse the web sites of the usual suspects - Sennheiser...
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    differences between DT-990 2005 32ohm and DT-990 2005 250 ohm

    I have the 32 ohm DT990's and am not sure if there are any differences versus the 80, 250, etc. On a few other threads I have read that there is a slight difference in sound - a little more sibilance. I believe it has mostly to do with the ability of the source to drive a lot of current.
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    Shure SE Series, best value?

    I have a pair of ET-6's and the Shure e500's. To my ears, the sound of the e500 is much richer and fuller than the Ety's. While there is some missing treble, I think that the great bass and midrange more than make up for this. Even at twice the price, I think you will be happier with the e500.
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    cheaper amps ($100-$150) good or bad for se530's?

    I have a C&C Box amp and it improves the sound of my E500's significantly. Of course, after a few weeks I realized I could get even better sound with a better amp and now have a Reference on order. If you have the cash, I suggest you go for at least a mid-range portable amp ($150-200 range). It...
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    What do you think of this.....SE530 / UE10

    Somewhere in this forum there is a post with another theory for the rolled off highs on the E500's. The thought was that Shure did this to better match with the sound out of the ipod headphone jack. Having tried my E500's and a few other headphones directly out of the ipod's headphone jack, I...
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    Black Shure Foamies vs. Comply tips?

    I must have gotten a really great set of Comply tips. I have used them 2-3 hours a day for over a month now without any problems. I have also changed them out on my E500's 30-40 times while comparing them with all of the other tips (they arrived right before a two week trip to Europe, so lots of...
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    Portable Amp that is also AC powered

    Most of the portable amps can be powered by battery or AC. You might want to check out the various amp reviews in this forum (search for Skylab's posts since he contributes to many of them). They can provide you with a lot of guidance in choosing an amp. Of course, they will also make you want a...
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    SE530s - how do they sound?

    I agree with Dexter Morgan on the black olives. To me, they muddy up the bass. I have had good results with the triflanges modified to biflanges, but I still prefer the Comply tips due to their terrific comfort.
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    Office equipment

    You could always purchase one of the Shure PTH devices from the For Sale forum. They work with most IEM's that have a 1/8" jack and would let you hear the questions without having to remove your IEM's. Of course, this won't stop people from talking to you with plugs in your ears. You could also...
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    A Few Questions on IEMs / Yuins

    I have both the PK1's and 2's. Even unamped, I think that the PK1's sound better - although the difference is less noticeable than when amped. If you buy the PK1's, you can upgrade to an amp later and get a great improvement in sound quality.
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    iTunes and Encoding...HELP!!

    You may also want to consider ripping your CD's with another program. Like many in this forum, I use Exact Audio Copy (EAC) with the Lame encoder. It works well and can help clean up CD's with a lot of scratches. I also use MP3 Gain at 89 db to lower the default volume of the tracks. I do...
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    yuin pk2 (or pk3) VS modded sony mdr-e888's?

    Sorry for the delayed response: I use a C&C Box amp. It works pretty well with the PK1's, although I do not own any other amp to compare it to. Even with the Box amp, the PK1 is pretty close to a full sized set of cans.
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    How long have you owned a single pair of cans?

    Beyer DT990 for 15 months (shortly after I found this website). Already getting upgrade fever.
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    PK1 pads

    My guess is that the foam somehow attenuates the higher frequencies a little, giving the image of a little more bass. I saw several threads on the topic of the pads in head-fi. I can't say that there was a general consensus, but I believe that most people prefered the buds with the pads versus...
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    PK1 pads

    To my ears, the different pads add different levels of bass to the earbuds, with the solid pads adding more than the ones with the holes. Personally, I like the ones with the holes. Welcome to the world of PK1's. They have become my favorites when working around the house due to their good...