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  1. HazeIT

    Triple-Fi's plus Comply large Tx-500 - what a difference comfort and fit make!

    Bringing the topic back from the dead Have people tried both T-500 and TX-500 "wax guard one". does the Tx does what it claims without compromising sound quality? sounds like a nice feature, I just don't know if it changes the sound signature
  2. HazeIT

    Does RE0 sounds good with iPod nano?

    cool, let me know how it goes, unamped.
  3. HazeIT

    Tf10 with what amp? Pico? Mustang? Preddy? Other stuff?

    My personal experience would say that the TF10 doesn't need an amp at all. I've borrowed a friend's CORDA 3MOVE from Meier-audio and I didn't notice any difference at all. tried with normal mode and also using meier's embedded cross feed. nothing. In my case, I'm using a Sansa Fuze to drive...
  4. HazeIT

    IEMs reshelled into Custom Molds $80 in the USA (TripleFi 10, SE530, etc.) from FISHER HEARING

    Quote: Originally Posted by karmalaw well, I suppose you could always send your ears in first. Van Gogh'd. Ok, I deserved that for not putting it right. By taking the impressions first I meant, can I go to the nearest place and take the impressions or are there any kind of...
  5. HazeIT

    RE0, SRH440, or SR60?

    Quote: Originally Posted by rawrster the tips and the way the iems are made u can use the olives but u have to decore the tube which is fairly easy the RE0 has single and double flange tips but its up to you if they are comfortable..i found them comfortable but i just like olives...
  6. HazeIT

    IEMs reshelled into Custom Molds $80 in the USA (TripleFi 10, SE530, etc.) from FISHER HEARING

    Do you need to take the ear impressions first and send to them? how does it works?
  7. HazeIT

    UE TF10 by ... Dreamworks?

    Have you guys done the re shelling on the TF10? Does it sounds as good as before?
  8. HazeIT

    UE TF10 by ... Dreamworks?

    Quote: Originally Posted by hockeyb213 Tf10's experience no audible burn in so if you are burning them in it really isn't worth your time. So the sibilance that I notice now on a few songs will remain as is??? now I'm disappointed.
  9. HazeIT

    UE TF10 by ... Dreamworks?

    Quote: Originally Posted by LoganT I find I have to put the IEM's in and then wrap the cord over my ears. Also have you tried lifting up on your ear and then inserting them? Lift my ears? only if it's like the face lift surgery kind... Jokes aside, I found the sound very...
  10. HazeIT

    UE TF10 by ... Dreamworks?

    Mine just arrived. are they made using Shrek ears impression or something? how the hell do you fit these things? with pictures I spent more time trying to fit these things in my ears then my wife took getting ready for the marriage. Also, the cable are damn thick, they just don't contour...
  11. HazeIT 10 vocals sound muffled

    Are Shure olives compatible with TF-10 out of the box?
  12. HazeIT

    [REVIEW] Head-Direct RE0 - a new contender for the best IEM

    Quote: Originally Posted by neozengar amazon, ebay, search for shure black foams. Shure PA910M Replacement Black Foam Sleeves (Medium) for Shure SE210, SE310, SE420, SE530 and SE530PTH Earphones: Electronics Are these the famous Shure Olives that we are looking for?
  13. HazeIT

    head direct RE0 vs Klipsch s4?????

    I bought mine from Klipsch, for sure they do allow you to return it for a full refund. Even not liking the S4 because of the sibilance, I can't complain about Klipsch customer service. no question asked, no restock fee nor any hidden charge. Just send it back... oh, and they told me to keep the...
  14. HazeIT

    Need some in-ear phones for Motorcycling

    My father gave the same task few months back, find him an confortable IEM to use with helmet so he could use while riding his HD. it came down to Westone UM1. if you check this picture you will notice that it barely have any tip coming...
  15. HazeIT from amazon market place... is it safe ?

    Very likely. I recently sold something trough the market place, and amazon holds your money for two weeks before sending to you. I guess if there's a problem with the headset, you just call amazon or something and they would step in.
  16. HazeIT

    head direct RE0 vs Klipsch s4?????

    I have owned both, and for me it's the RE0 hands down. My S4 had so much sibilance that it pissed me off every time I wanted to listen to my favorite songs. I returned it and now bought an RE0. RE0 sounds very good, and it doesn't have the same bass as the S4, so if you like that extra bass...
  17. HazeIT

    Klipsch S4 - Big problem

    I think so. I played a mix of pink noise and white noise for about 50 hours... plus the regular music playing... I didn't play it loud, it was connected straight to a Sansa Fuze and the volume around 50-70%. The sibilance was really there to a point that I couldn't listen to my favorite songs...
  18. HazeIT

    Looking for an affordable amp for RE0+Sansa Fuze

    Well, giving that I'm using a $38 player with a $79 IEM, I think it's clear that I'm a cheap bastard and a RSA Mustang is not an option. My RE0 didn't arrive yet, but I heard that they need an amp to go with the Sansa Fuze. Are there any cheap amps that go well with this player/IEM?
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