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  1. bikeboy999

    Cell phone as a one stop for all things.

    Hey all forgive me if this is in the wrong forum. I want to replace a rock boxed large hard disk with a one size fits all solution. What smart phone is out or coming that can do it all. Play flac, have reasonably large hard disk and connect via 3g and wifi. Thanks, B
  2. bikeboy999

    UE cables?

    I thought when I read the review of the new product coming from UE that there was some new cables being sold. I have been waiting using my green (purchased clear) cables to hear if replacement cables will work with SF 5 pro Is. Any news, have I missed something? B
  3. bikeboy999


    I just saw her on letterman tonight, has anyone heard the whole album yet? I liked what I heard and was wondering how the album fits in the war (loudness of course) B
  4. bikeboy999

    Things that make you go hmmmm.

    Hmmm, I see an ad for a waterproof headphone here at HF. And it makes me go hmmmm. Is there some DAP that is waterproof? What would you use these things for? Or lastly is there some sort of exercise that would make your ears require waterproof IEMs, like cycling? B
  5. bikeboy999

    Not happy with CD and IPOD.

    I really do not like the fact that I have to control my IPOD with crappy s/w. However the CD companies do not do themselves any favours when I can not get my music to rip into Itunes. The CD in question is The Little Willies and explorer sees it as a DVD. I was able to get it to FLAC in...
  6. bikeboy999

    How do I create a list from foobar2000

    Hi all, I now have trouble remembering what music I have in my foobar library/ipod. I sometimes see cds and have to call my son at his workplace to see if I already have it. My question is how do I create a list of album titles to save to a text file and put on my smart phone? Thanks for...
  7. bikeboy999

    A2 and burn in?

    Hey all, I purchased a set of the speakers for my son today. And have connected them to my CA 640c V2 via rca cables. Between the speakers I used the old NAIM speaker wire I had laying around. After the first three hours the sound stage is really opening up, and it got me to wondering hwo...
  8. bikeboy999

    Thoughts about car sharing to Montreal Hi Fi show.

    I am just starting a post regarding the Hi Fi show coming up in Montreal in April. I am wondering if there are some people who are thinking of going down from Ottawa for the Saturday. Does anyone want to add to this discussion. B PS here is link to show. Welcome Visitors - FSI 2008
  9. bikeboy999

    Baby Snakes or new player?p

    Has anyone seen this movie of a NY concert? It is a Frank Zappa family reporoduction and I thought it was quite good. I listened to it in 5.1 and was impressed by how much the rear speakers were used. Now I must say I had to pickup a new DVD player and have not heard any of my other music...
  10. bikeboy999

    Long Road out of Eden

    Hey all, what a great find. I was at Walmart the other day, and was checking out their meager selection and I found this Eagles album. It was about $12.xx Cdn for two CD's of great new music. New to me anyway! If people are looking for a nice mellow days music, with a nice relaxing cup of tea...
  11. bikeboy999

    Are CD's remastered by Gold all good?

    Hey all, I just picked up at Costco a CD by GOLD of the band Steppenwolf. SO far listening has been good. This is another CD I have picked up by the GOLD label and it sounds good. Is this a company that others have recommended? The others I have picked up were Rush and Pete Townsend. B
  12. bikeboy999

    NASCAR and ear plugs/headphones?

    Hey all, I was watching some interviews of some of this years NASCAR drivers in their cars. They appear to have some custom items in their ears. I was wondering if they were headphones or ear plugs. When I was at the hearing aid office I noticed a pamphlet for swimmers plugs, but did not think...
  13. bikeboy999

    What? CD does not play in CDP but does in PC and car.

    Hey all, I was just blown away this AM playing my new CD in my house stereo. It is the CD Snow by Spock's Beard (thanks headfi poster), I thought it was great on my SF5 pro's. But it was absolutely amazing on my speakers, it was so good I was drooling in anticipation of the bonus CD. When I put...
  14. bikeboy999

    Where does Lou Reed fit in?

    I read ablot of the Beatles vs Dylan influnce/who is/was better. And it makes me think of Lou Reed, and how many current rock/prog rock bands were influnced by his music. I wonder how you would classify his style because it changed much over the many years. He went from pure punk, before the...
  15. bikeboy999

    AMP, LOD, IEMs and wow it just gets better.

    Hi I would like to make my appearance with a bit of history of how I got here, and what this site has cost me. :-). I was reading in the Bacchetta recumbent forums a topic about riding while cycling and the owner/designer of the Aero chimed in about this web site, included with a warning about...