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  1. Thunder240

    Looking for <$300 amp to pair with SRH1840 and Alpha Dogs to replace reciever headphone out

    Question: is there a <$300 headphone amp that would match well to 50-65 ohm cans and that punches well above its weight?   Background: I'm currently using the headphone out of my Denon 3808ci receiver when listening in my living room. I'm aware that it is not a good impedance match for my...
  2. Thunder240

    reccomendation for open-backed headphone to replace Senn HD570?

    My Senn HD570s are finally dying, after 12-13 years of use. They were my first pair of audiophile headphones, and since then I've bought a few other pairs for various purposes. I have some higher impedance headphones that I use at home when I can listen with an amp, and I have some portable low...
  3. Thunder240

    Choice of USB cable (A/A male to male) for Apple CCK to car head unit

    Hi all, I've been using my iphone 5 as a USB source in my car (head unit is Alpine CDA-117, contains 24bit Burr Brown DAC) for a few years, and I'd like to try to play hi-res tracks using the Apple Camera Connection Kit.   The trouble is that both the CCK and the Alpine head unit have USB Type...
  4. Thunder240

    Kliptch S4/S4a/S4i maligned?

    I've read on several different threads on  head-fi containing opinions of the S4, and the consensus seems to be that the S4 is a pretty decent $20 in-ear headphone, but way out of its league at the $100 price point.   Over the last 5 days I compared the S4 to the Shure SE-215, which happens...
  5. Thunder240

    optimal allocation of $$$ for a digital audio head-fi rig

    I'm curious what you all think is the proper allocation of a fixed budget between a set of cans, amp, DAC, and anything else you might need to listen to digital audio?   My philosophy toward systems with speakers has been 70% speakers, 20% electronics, 10% room. In general, I believe that...