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  1. Drewligarchy

    Help me find the best DAC for my Stax 009 and KGSSHV Carbon

    I've been trying for about a year, off and on, to find the right upgrade for this combo. I am currently using a Yggdrasil (1st addition), and it's currently being upgraded to an Analog 2 by Schiit. The original Yggdrasil combination is very good, but I think I can do better. I may be going in...
  2. Drewligarchy

    Bricasti M1 Versions, Upgrades and Impressions (2011 - 2018)

    I just picked up a demo M1 yesterday at a good price to use with both my Stax 009 (Mojnir KGSSHV Carbon) and LCD 4 (Violectric V281). In my reading I've noticed that there are many versions of the M1 as Bricasti has made it essentially very upgrade-able. Further, there are not a lot of...
  3. Drewligarchy

    Electrostat help! Stax SRM 717 Distorting on Unbalanced Inputs Only

    Hi All -   Could use the help of any Electrostat/Stax Experts.   I have a Stax 717 I bought used on head-fi a few years ago and it's always worked flawlessly. Ran into an issue last night with the unbalanced inputs. They began sounding like the amp was being overdriven. Confirmed it wasn't...
  4. Drewligarchy

    Audeze XC Issue

    Hi All - My Audeze XC took a minor spill. About 4 feet off my headphone hook. No damage at all to the headphones cosmetically, and I didn't believe any issue to the cans sound wise either. Then - I started to think the bass sounded a little thin. It's not thin in one driver, it just sounds...