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  1. JensL

    Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

    A few weeks ago I went to a few local hifi stores with excellent selections of headphones. I tested lots, for example Audeze LCD2 and LCD3, Hifiman HE400i and Ed.X V2, Focal Elear, Beyer Amiron, T1 G2, DT1770, DT1990 and 5 different Stax setups. Long story short, I went home with the...
  2. JensL

    Compared: Three GermanMaestro headphones (previously MB Quart)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Tiemen At first I also thought the DT770 pads wouldn't fit. But after some stretching and strugling, I finally got them around without destroying the pads. But it wasn't easy..... For me the sound really improved. With stock pads I found the bass boomy, and...
  3. JensL

    Compared: Three GermanMaestro headphones (previously MB Quart)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Tiemen Thanks a lot for this insightful and well written review. I own the GMP250, and they have the same comfort/fit issues. I replaced the pleahter earpads with DT770 velour pads, which makes them more comfortable. But still the top of the pads press...
  4. JensL

    Fairly huge comparison: Senn HD457/497, HD555/595, BeyerDTX700/800/900, DT440/660/860

    Well, there's an oldie for you. :-) A fun test to do. Working on another test now, actually. 3 phones few has heard, I suspect. :-) Quote: Originally Posted by battleaxe Did you by any chance ever try the DT860 with the DT880 veluor pad to see how it sounds and feels on the...
  5. JensL

    Sunglasses and other eye wear

    For me, nothing compares to real, quality glass, and no one does this better than Serengeti. I've used Serengetis for years, and couldn't be happier. Now I've got a pair with the Strata400-lens, which is quite advanced, and the optical quality is amazing. The polarizing/anti-glare really...
  6. JensL

    Headphones suck for movies

    I disagree. Movies can sound VERY nice with headphones. :-) The Beyerdynamic Headzone is just unbelievable with any 5.1 material. It can't be compared to regular stereo headphones. It's in a completely different league. A Headzone plus a buttkicker must be amazing. :-) However, it...
  7. JensL

    Shootout: Lake People G99/2 vs. Meier-Audio Corda Opera

    This time I’ve borrowed an amplifier made by a company that I’ve never heard about; Lake People. They’re a German company, and make sound-equipment for the professional market. The amplifier is the G99/2 (exciting name?), and got nice specs. Here’s Lake People’s official webpage for the...
  8. JensL

    Will Ultrasone PL750 earpads fit the PL650?

    Yup, the pleather pads of the PROline 550 and 650 will get a little sweatier than the velours of the 750, no question about that. But give'em a go first, maybe you wont need to get the velours.
  9. JensL

    Will Ultrasone PL750 earpads fit the PL650?

    Yeah, that shouldn't be a problem. As far as I remember, all the PROlines use the same pad size and method of mounting. Those velour pads of the 750 aren't as nice as the Beyerdynamic ones, but not bad at all.
  10. JensL

    beyerdynamic A1 input options

    First of all, the A1 is an amazing amplifier. I think it is better than the Corda Opera (but the Opera is better value-for-money). It's quite expensive, so if you got a good deal...go for it. I don't know the Mbox2, all I know is that the A1 will scale very nicely. Better source = better...
  11. JensL

    Ultrasone HFI-15G owners

    I tried a HFI-15G a few years ago, and I was pleasantly surprised. It held its own against the Beyer DT231, which I like very much. The Ultrasone was comfortable and nicely put together. A very nice portable headphone. Just too bad it isn't closed.
  12. JensL

    Lake People G99/2: A German amp rarely seen here (pics)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Dept_of_Alchemy Why are the markings in English if they're a German company? Maybe they don't want to limit themselves only to the German market? Or maybe English is the dominant language in the pro-market even in Germany? Quote: Originally...
  13. JensL

    Lake People G99/2: A German amp rarely seen here (pics)

    I got the chance to borrow a headphone amp made by a German company I didn't know of: Lake People. The amp is the G99/2, and costs about 350 Euro (500 USD). Here's the offical page. You can download the user manual here, which includes the schematics. What they say themselves: "The PHONE...
  14. JensL

    Lite DAC-60: Relativly easy mods?

    There's some info in this thread: Don't know if that'll be of any help for you though. I got Bizkids modded DAC60, and it sounds really good. Lots of great bass. :-)
  15. JensL

    DT880 2005 vs. new DT880 Pro?

    I used the DT880 Pro when I tested the headzone Pro last christmas, and found it to be very similar to the regular 2005 DT880. I don't remember much about the clamping force, but it might have been more than the regular. It was still comfortable, though.
  16. JensL

    Beyerdynamic Headzone Question

    Quote: Originally Posted by taurus1 JensL: How would you rate the stereo imaging (including image height) when compared to a good pair of stereo speakers? Well, some really good, properly placed speakers in a really good room, will have better imaging than any headphone, but...
  17. JensL

    Audiotechnica A900LTD, A950LTD vs. ATH W1000

    I got the W1000 and A900LTD, and I agree with most of what Warubozu says, except that I prefer the W1000. :-) The A900LTD got more bass and the W1000 got more details. But, for me, the biggest difference lies somewhere in the midrange. The W1000 sounds wider and more comprehensible. The...
  18. JensL

    Thoughts on Beyerdynamic Headzone?

    The Headtracker function isn't that important, I think. Maybe that's why you can buy the consumer version without it. What's important is the fantastic out-of-the-head sensation. It's not like some silly reverb-effect, it just moves the soundstage in front of you. It's nothing like crossfeed...
  19. JensL

    Shootout: Beyerdynamic A1 vs. Meier-Audio Corda Opera.

    Quote: Originally Posted by lerio Did you used High Gain or low on both Amp ? Low gain on the Opera, the A1 got no gain adjustment (excluding the volume knob).
  20. JensL

    Shootout: Beyerdynamic A1 vs. Meier-Audio Corda Opera.

    Quote: Originally Posted by augustwest JensL - I wonder did you happen to have a chance to try Grados, on both, or either of the amps and if so how did they fair? No, unfortunately I have no Grados at all. I tried a SR60 a few years ago, and didn't like it at all. I have...
  21. JensL

    A Hifi-version of the Beyerdynamic Headzone is coming seems that Beyer will release gamer-headphones using the Headzone-technology. [showUID]=352&tx_sbeventdb_pi1[showUid][backPID]=129&cHash=93437036a5]Pressrelease The MMX 2 and MMX 300 headsets. This is interesting: "Both new models MMX 300 and Headzone base technically on...
  22. JensL

    Shootout: Beyerdynamic A1 vs. Meier-Audio Corda Opera.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jan Meier Hi Jens Nice comparison. Just one question: Did you compare the A1 to the right headphone output of the OPERA or to the left headphone output? The reason is, that the A1 has a high output impedance of around 150 Ohm whereas the right output...
  23. JensL

    Review: The new beyerdynamic A1

    For no reason whatsoever, here's the current view of my desk: ;-)
  24. JensL


    Quote: Originally Posted by exec_ You've borrowed these from a friend? The engraving seems to be made for this purpose. But nice color combo indeed. Well, I guess it worked, because I got my own pair. ;-) A black and blue DT990-32. Also a great headphone. Here's some pics.
  25. JensL


    Quote: Originally Posted by trose49 Is that gold? Yeah, that's the gold option. Champagne looks quite a bit different. Beyond that, it's black "soft touch", and (obviously) red leather pads. The headband padding is regular pleather, not real leather.