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  1. wpautz

    What is the best isolating headphone? (ATH-M50, DT770, ....)

    I assume the graph is for the DT770M?  There is lots of confusion surrounding the different DT770 variations.
  2. wpautz


       A new thread because I gave up on the idea of active noise cancelation. No Bose for me.    I figure I have done about 10 hours of research so far.    I am seeking serious soud isolation, at all frequencies. I know there are many brands and models out there that do active noise...
  3. wpautz

    Passive noice isolation or Active noise canceling? Considering Bose QC15, or Koss Pro4AA, or other quality isolation.

    By the way, I realize I am being contradictory.   Do I want perfect silence or don't I? I think that if I buy the Bose, there is a very real possibility that I will return them, whatever reason. Luckily they offer 30 days money back.     But really the noise would have be truly 100% absent...
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