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  1. Brabus9999

    Hi, is anybody into uplifting trance music..??!

    Here's a track from an album that I'm really into at the moment, "Blackout (Original Mix" by Satori. It's taken from "The Best of Monster Force Vol. 1" You guys should give it a try if you haven't already. BTW, found this on YouTube, Your daily dose of uplifting trance Gritt
  2. Brabus9999

    A comparison of all my IEMs NOW WITH REVIEW:-)! W3, Sennheiser IE8, UE10 pro, SE530, ER4P, Triple Fi, Sensaphonics 2XS etc.

    Awesome! I'd really love to know how a fully burned-in IE8 stacks up to TF10Pro and W3. Gritt
  3. Brabus9999

    [REVIEW] Multiple IEM Shootout v.2

    Hi ClieOS, I really like this updated format. My only humble suggestion is that the symbol for soundstage might be a bit difficult to differentiate for some, especially between "good" and "great", unless the reader has to revert back to the beginning of the review to see them side by side; then...
  4. Brabus9999

    Hi, is anybody into uplifting trance music..??!

    nvkid909, I've gotta agree there ... trance is excellent with e, while k was made for hardhouse (or so they tell me). Fast & high-pitched ... that description makes me cringe, but it is nonetheless, a very good description of trance in it's current state IMO; where's all the melody gone ...
  5. Brabus9999

    REVIEW: Head-Direct RE0

    Thanks for the great review. My RE0 just arrived a few days ago, and my initial impressions are inline with others here. Coming from the EP-630, the level of detail provided by the RE0 an real eye opener. I re-ripped all my CDs to AAC320 so that the RE0 could show me what I was previously...
  6. Brabus9999

    Hi, is anybody into uplifting trance music..??!

    Hi HippieTom, Thanks for the suggestion; after a bit of googling I found Transwave’s “Land of Freedom” on YouTube. My initial impression is that this is not the type of epic/melodic/uplifting trance that I’m used to: the beat is much faster and there is so much more going on around the...
  7. Brabus9999

    Westone um3 vs shure e530 vs triple 10's

    To OP, I'm still waiting for my RE0 to arrive, but not 2 days after making the purchase I'm in the same boat as you: which IEM next, W3 or IE8 or TF10Pro? Initially the IE8 was on top (my own views formed from reading the various threads here), which was great since I'm able to take advantage...
  8. Brabus9999

    Hi, is anybody into uplifting trance music..??!

    Speaking of classic trance tracks, is it just me or do others here feel that most of the older tracks are much more uplifting and melodic than these newer ones? And would have to agree with plonter that many of these trance classics are still rockin’ even today. Thanks everyone for your...
  9. Brabus9999

    Hi, is anybody into uplifting trance music..??!

    Hi guys, I’m a certifiable trance addict myself. Trance is the only music genre that helps me sleep (I’m not an insomniac or anything, it’s just much easier to doze off after listening to a few melodic trance tracks), increases my concentration when I’m at work (the melody drowns out the...
  10. Brabus9999

    Nano SQ comparison: 4G vs. 3G

    Thanks for the reply SierraHotel 01, I thought mine was a lemon.
  11. Brabus9999

    Nano SQ comparison: 4G vs. 3G

    In addition to replacing the DAC, I would also increase the power coming from the headphone out, and add a better EQ; the Touch would be the perfect platform for such an endeavor IMO. BTW, what I wanted to know was, is your Nano silent from the "headphone out" with the volume turned all the...
  12. Brabus9999

    REVIEW: Nuforce NE-7M iPhone IEM vs Denon C700 and Klipsch Image X10 (NE-8 Impressions Added 1/15/09)

    Hi HA, Does the NE-8 need to be paired with a DAP that offers a good EQ, such as Sony's, for it to really shine? Gritt
  13. Brabus9999

    Recommended portable amp for RE0?

    I agree that the iTunes GUI is very easy to use, and is the main reason why I ended up buying a Nano 4G after my Ipod Video ceased functioning. Apple really have a knack in designing intuitive user interfaces. I look forward to reading your thoughts regarding the RE0, since I am about to place...
  14. Brabus9999

    Recommended portable amp for RE0?

    Hi Keith, I've been giving the issue of portability vs. performance (SQ) quite a bit of thought as well, and have come to the conclusion that if the RE0's SQ is pretty good straight from my Nano's HP out, then I probably will skip the amp altogether. If not, instead of adding an amp, I might...
  15. Brabus9999

    [REVIEW] Head-Direct RE0 - a new contender for the best IEM

    Thanks for the recommendations. I will try to find the Etymotic tips that you mentioned and see how it turns out. Hopefully, I'll see an improvement, and my wallet won't see much action. BTW, are these the tips (ER4-14F)? Gritt
  16. Brabus9999

    [REVIEW] 18 IEM reviewed and compared!!! (Final update NOV 2, 08)

    Thanks ClieOS for taking the time to conduct this review, the presentation is easy to understand and it'd be a great jump-off point for newbies (such as myself) into IEM's, IMO. BTW, your review put the RE2+Fiio on my shortlist with the SF5Mk2, RE0 and NE-8 (why pay more when/if one can get the...
  17. Brabus9999

    Pairing Sennheiser IE8 with RSA P-51?

    Hi guys, This is my first post on HeadFi, and also my first foray into high-end portable audio. After a year with my iPod 30GB and EP-630 I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade. I’ve just acquired the 4G Nano 8GB, and would like your thoughts about pairing the Sennheiser IE8 with RSA P-51 Mustang...
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