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  1. Weaves

    Southeast Michigan Meeting on 10/19/2019

    The 2019 meet has been announced, please check the post from sealykojac on page 2 for more details. Link: Date: Saturday, October 19, 2019 Time: 10:00AM - 3:00PM Location: Paulson's Audio and Video
  2. Weaves

    Amazon Offreing Gold Box on M-Audio Monitors at 10:00am pacific Time

    I hope this is the right forum.  Here is the link:
  3. Weaves

    Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi on sale today only at Amazon

    Hello,   Not sure if this allowed on here, but here is the direct link to Amazon.  ...
  4. Weaves

    Audio help please

    Hello,   Here is my set-up   OS: Vista 32bit MB: GA-EP45-DS3R with both Optical and Coaxial SPDIF out; Realtek ALC889A codec High Definition Audio 2/4/5.1/7.1-channel Support for Dolby Home Theater Support for S/PDIF In/Out Support for CD In   Line out Jack (green)- used...
  5. Weaves

    New Shure Tips yet?

    I thought that it was mentioned earlier this year that Shure was developing all new tips. The original rumour was that they would be released with the E500. However, it was then rumoured that they would be released later. Does anyone know anything more about these? Thanks
  6. Weaves

    Will an amp work for my vacation set-up?

    Hello, I am going on vacation soon. I will be bring my Sony HD5 with my Shure e3's. However, I also purchased the following travel speakers: They have not arrived, so I can't comment about sound yet. However, I want to be able to...