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  1. chipzahoy

    cMP and cPlay media player

    Sorry, but not everyone has the time and willingness to educate the uninformed masses. If you believe audio players make no difference, then stick to whatever you're using. It's not my loss, I could care less.
  2. chipzahoy

    Which Sound Card?

    The best way to do it with least sound degradation is by adding a preamp with multiple outputs (assuming that you plan on buying an active subwoofer). USB DACs are essentially soundcards that operates with the USB interface, and internal soundcards are simplified DACs with only one digital...
  3. chipzahoy

    To ALL those who have a PC, strictly for AUDIO

    Aww, don't ignore me. You're really entertaining.
  4. chipzahoy

    Which Sound Card?

    I don't think you should be too concerned about the "headphone amp" function of the 02US. Many people only use the line outs of the STX (a card which also happen to have headphone amp section), and they are pretty happy about the SQ. Do a search on the forums, the 02US owners seem more than...
  5. chipzahoy

    Which Sound Card?

    Of all the options on your list, STX offers the best playback quality. However, Musiland 01US with separate PS (or 02US if you don't do DIY) has a cost/performance ratio that's through the roof. FWIW, I consider it the new best budget DAC/external soundcard available.
  6. chipzahoy

    Musiland monitor 02us dac soundly outperforms Asus Xonar STX

    Not surprising. However, if you power the Musiland 02 with the computer's ATX supply, or the STX with a good seperate PS, the difference in SQ may not be so apparent.
  7. chipzahoy

    Xonar essence stx or DAC

    Quote: Originally Posted by Graphicism Well you can pick something up around $150... $125 used. How does this little secret gem destroy the DacMagic exactly? Interesting. Which DAC are you referring to? Does it outperform Essence when fed with the onboard s/pdif or USB...
  8. chipzahoy

    Looking to upgrade Soundcard

    Buy the Musiland US 01 USB DAC if you can. I haven't done any comparisons in my main system, but it's quite an improvement over the DX on my room computer. I suspect that with modding (quality linear PS over stock USB bus power/capacitance upgrades) it would probably come dangerously close to or...
  9. chipzahoy

    Modding a Musiland 01 US DAC

    Can you please share the pictures / further details on the output stage mod? Thank you! Edit: Oh, and regarding "put some extra capacitors (10uf) at the PCM1793 supply pins", where did you add the caps? Were they soldered on C25, C28, and C29? Can I use slightly larger caps (33uf) instead?
  10. chipzahoy

    Musiland Monitor 01 USD 24/192 USB to SPDIF

    I was referring to the S/PDIF output quality of 0404 and 1212m. Quote: Originally Posted by MikeW I disagree, yes they are obviously not high end in comparision to stand-alone audiophile dacs, but compared to the vast majority of sound cards on the market, they are "high end" in...
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