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  1. Shauntell47

    Universal AC adaptor to power my old CD player

    Hi, i just got an old Panasonic discman S320 for a € on ebay, but it didn't come with the ac adaptor. Tried the ones i have at home, but only one fits, a philips one which has a voltage of 6V and amperage of 400mA, whereas the panasonic original adaptor has a voltage of 4.5V and amperage of...
  2. Shauntell47

    Best place to buy AMP3 Pro2 in Europe

    Hi, i found these shops online: most expensive (155€ shipped), but you get 2 years warranty and it's in the same country that i'm living in, so good for returning in case i don't like it. considerably cheaper (120€ + shippping), sent an e-mail to them...
  3. Shauntell47

    Oh where, oh where has my slim Arrow gone, oh where, oh where can it be?

    Hi, e-mailed Robert a while ago, he told me that the amp would start shipping 2 weeks from then.... since i am going to send back my lyrix to get the arrow for a better price, i wanted to know if anyone's gotten theirs yet... efn and arirug, did you get yours?
  4. Shauntell47

    Looking for something similar to...

    Hi all, i'm getting into a lot of electronic these days and i really like these 2 songs and was wondering if anyone knew of some other similar songs... They're at the end of both albums: "Buddy" from The Synchronicity Suite (mix) here's the link to listen to it if you're interested...
  5. Shauntell47

    getting an ipod 3g... what do i need?

    hi, just won one of these on ebay... i already know i need to get a new battery... should i get a cheap one off of ebay for like 8$ or should i get one from one of those special sites? could there be any problems with customs ordering from hong-kong? planning on putting rockbox on it...
  6. Shauntell47

    smaller, but better or equal SQ to rio Karma?

    hi, was wondering if it's worth it to keep my rio karma since i could sell it to a friend if i wanted to.... when i'm talking about better or equal SQ, i mean from the Rio Karma's lineout... btw i don't use EQ... i was looking at some Creative Zen Micro, which are going for about 50$ on...
  7. Shauntell47

    does anyone know where to get a good/cheap LOD in europe?

    hi, i was wondering where the europeans got their LODs here... i wanted to get one for an ipod mini.... thx
  8. Shauntell47

    looking for a drag and drop player with file folder structure

    i have a cowon iaudio 7 which i really like, but the screen broke a few months ago and it's been kind of a pain using it without the screen.... frankly, i'm looking for a player that does exactly what my cowon does, if not more.... these are the players that came to my mind: sony...
  9. Shauntell47

    fit of RE1s

    just got them a few weeks ago... really like them, although i'm not sure i can tell a big difference between amped and unamped, especially with my Rio Karma... recently though, i've had some problems with the fit... sometimes when they're moist, i can push them in farther which increases...
  10. Shauntell47

    Headband mod/replacement pads for KSC75s

    just got new KSC75s and wanted to play around with them to get the best SQ for my taste, so i've been searching quite a while for these mods but couldn't find them: so i wanted to try out the quartermod on these but want an extra pair of pads just in case i prefer them with the whole pad, i...
  11. Shauntell47

    undiscovered Audio-Technicas at audiocubes

    i'm looking for a replacement to my Audio-Technica ATH-CK7 earphones which i've been using on the way to school in the train or bus.... i've had them for about a year and i think i might prefer clip-ons or closed headphones.... i've been reading tons of posts here... i listen mostly to rock...
  12. Shauntell47

    has anyone tried these mini to mini cables?

    i'm probably getting goldring DR150's for christmas... looking for a shorter cable (1-1.5m)... live in europe... here is what i found:
  13. Shauntell47

    IC's for Goldring DR150

    at the moment, i own an iaudio 7 which i will use as my main source and was planning on buying DR150 headphones.... as i heard these are very source and amp-sensitive, i don't want to make any wrong decisions... i was going to get the penguin caffeine amp to drive these and was wondering what IC...