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  1. xtenglong

    Recommendation for an amp for my purposes.

    So I recently got a pair of M50 and a Clip+. I know that the M50 do not need an amp, but I figure why not get one if it'll improve the SQ. I'm looking to spend around $100 or less for an introductory portable amp (so far, I'm looking between the Mini^3, cmoyBB from jsdlabs, and the E7). I listen...
  2. xtenglong

    Help with equalizing M50's!

    So I just picked up a new pair of M50s yesterday, and I'm loving it right now. Since they are new, I'm still burning them in. I was looking through this site and came across the tutorial on how to equalize headphones, and I've been trying to figure out how to correctly to do it, but all of it is...
  3. xtenglong

    Which one of these headphones to get?

    I am trying to get a new pair of headphones after losing my pair of MS-1's. I really liked how they sounded, so if anything I might just get another pair of them. I can't really specify what kind of music I usually listen to, since I pretty much listen to all kinds of genre. I am also going to...
  4. xtenglong

    Cheap Starter Amp.

    I'm new in the audiophile world, and many people say that getting an amp greatly improves the SQ. There are so many different portable amps out there, and I just don't know what is the pro's and con's of each one. I think I'm looking for a cheap amp that is relatively neutral. What are my...
  5. xtenglong

    Which starter IEM to get?

    I'm kind of new into the audiophile world. I bought a pair of Alessandro MS-1 a few months ago, and I loved the way they sounded. Unfortunately though, I lost them . Right now I'm looking to buy some IEM's, but as I look through all of the threads, I just become completely lost with all the...