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  1. Hiker

    coffee gadgets...

    When not using my Moka Express, I break out the french press about every other day. Here are my tips: -Use 1 tablespoon of coarsely ground beans for every 3 oz of water. -I use hot water coming from my electric kettle at about 190-200F. -After adding the beans and water to the press, I stir...
  2. Hiker

    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by spacecoyote Hey Cleophus...where do you get your Ij? I am trying to locate it so I can carry it at the store I work in. We carry ~750 craft beers but at this moment we don't have Ij. I've seen it in Pennsylvania but not in New Jersey. Hey, I see you...
  3. Hiker

    Beer Reccomendations Please?

    These three websites have a lot of information on nearly any beer that you have ever heard of. in particular will allow you to search and find out the highest rated beers that are available in your location. Rate Beer Beer Advocate The Opinionated Beer Page
  4. Hiker

    What is After Shave for?

    Quote: Originally Posted by number1sixerfan I don't use aftershave. I just use isopropyl 70% alcohol. Me too. Cheap and works better than the smelly stuff.
  5. Hiker

    Is it just me?

    Its amazing how many of these threads get started every week or so.
  6. Hiker

    Looking for a new watch.

    I suggest taking a look at the Seiko Automatic Diver SKX779K Stainless Steel, Cal. 7S26 (more commonly refered to as the "Seiko Monster): It is a good quality watch that is listed at $400 but can be had for $150 at any Seiko Company Store. Its pretty popular with watch lovers as an...
  7. Hiker

    What Shoes are you wearing at the moment?

    Adidas Response Trail X
  8. Hiker

    I'm off to the Symphony!

    You guys should have a really good time. I heard him play that concerto when he was here in NJ with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, and it was played quite well. The orchestra played Shostakovich's Symphony No. 11 as well (sans Bell).
  9. Hiker

    Firefox 1.0 Released

    The only thing I can't seem to find is how to force a new tab to open when i click on certain links instead of opening a new page. In the help menu it lists this as an option, but when I go to look in "options" where it is supposed to be, it does not exist. Anyone else see this?
  10. Hiker

    The Masterpiece Thread - Every time you buy an album that's a masterpiece, post here.

    I just got Peter Frampton's Frampton Comes Alive 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition. It comes with 2 CDs (the original had one only) and is quite well done. One of the best live albums ever just got better.
  11. Hiker

    Headphone, Amp and Source: list your order!!

    I said source>amp>headphone. At this point I am pretty happy with my headphone selection. I do not want to spend any more money on those. Since I also have speakers hooked up in my system, a source would be the most cost effective upgrade for me. Therefore it is most important to me. The amp...
  12. Hiker

    Cell Phone

    Quote: Originally Posted by Duncan Hiker... I still have one of those original StarTac 70s, from way back in the day... Even though they are lithium ion batteries (I have the extra battery that clips onto the back too) neither of them hold much of a charge anymore Yeah...
  13. Hiker

    Any suggestions for a summer job?

    If you have already tried retail positions (Barnes and Noble, Sports Authority, Best Buy, movie theater, etc.), try checking with your town. I know a lot of towns around me hire summer help especially in the recreation departments. From my experience, many of these pay better than entry-level...
  14. Hiker

    what was the most you ever paid for tickets?

    About $150 to see The Who this May 22 at MSG.
  15. Hiker

    Got my new HD-650's today...please tell me burn-in helps a lot

    Quote: Originally Posted by tortie About the stock cables, they are supposed to be bad compared to the replacement cables, but they are not that bad. If you still dont like the way your cans sound after the burn-in, then maybe you just dont like the Sennheiser sound. I still have...
  16. Hiker

    Ever just marvel at how much great gear some of the teenagers around here have?

    Well since last Oct/Nov I've accumulated about $2500 worth of gear (including speakers). I consider myself a poor college student now, mainly because of that. I think thats enough gear for me right now since I need to get some other nice things like a nice watch, a new mountain bike, etc...
  17. Hiker

    Super Smooth CD Player >$700

    I have only heard the Rega Planet 2000 extensively (I own it), and I have to say that for the past 5 months or so I have been quite happy. It is extremely smooth. I got mine used for under $700 (actually it used to be jpelg's) and have yet looked to upgrade. Give it a good listen if you can.
  18. Hiker

    Any watch experts out there?

    Well I went looking around at some stores yesterday and I found these two watches. The Tissot might be a little two dressy for everyday wear and has a leather strap which I wasn't looking for, but I still like the look quite a bit. And it has a see-through caseback. Im still going to...
  19. Hiker

    Any watch experts out there?

    Haha. I just cannot see myself buying another quartz now, but that Tissot is tempting. I have 4 already so I wanna try something different. I'll be happy so long as the watch isn't loosing around 20-40 secs a day.
  20. Hiker

    Any watch experts out there?

    Quote: Originally posted by bootman That is a nice watch. I like the one with the all white dial and silver case and band. I was lucky. My Tag was a gift. If only that were an automatic. Thats a great looking watch.
  21. Hiker

    Any watch experts out there?

    Quote: Originally posted by mbriant When changing a battery, to retain guaranteed water resistance, certain watches, (100 meters/200 meters etc.), must have gaskets replaced by an authorized technician or watchmaker who stocks these brand-specific gaskets. Unfortunately, some...
  22. Hiker

    Any watch experts out there?

    Whoa! I wasn't expecting this big of a response so soon. Thanks for all the info. Bootman: The Tag 2000 Classic series really echos the look that I am going for. I remember my friend got one as a gift a few years back (quartz), and I thought it was pretty damn handsome. I will do some...
  23. Hiker

    Arrghh...UPS moron!

    Recently Ive only used USPS. Its cheaper than FedEx and for the most part has been a day or two faster as well.
  24. Hiker

    Non Wage Slave Occupations

    Have you thought about a career path at all? I am just wondering because you must have chosen your major for a reason. Is this because of a career path that you were thinking about when you first entered college and then changed? I am just not sure what kind of a job you would be looking for...
  25. Hiker

    AKG 271s VS SENN HD650

    I own both the HD650s and the K271s. Ever since getting the Senns I thought I wouldn't listen to the AKGs anymore. However, I still go back to them every now and then to listen because I still find them enjoyable. They aren't quite as refined as the Senns, but they hold their own quite well. I...