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  1. doctorcilantro

    EBAY SELLER WARNING * Marisha85 (and Marisha82)

    I really shot myself in the foot on this one, but still got ripped off. Should have just done a $150 registered receipt but was rushing (and flat boxes are too small and unsafe for tubes imo). Bought a pair of rare E80CC D-getter soff ebay, used some eBay bucks too. They did not test as...
  2. doctorcilantro

    FF: New Vinyl Giveaway (Steve Vai LP)

    Vinyl Giveaway #1 (Soundstage Direct) Steve Vai & Ray Lamontagne - Sept. 19th       Had a couple bad pressings of an LP and EXCELLENT customer service from Soundstage Direct. I'm going to partner with them on my blog to do a bi-monthly or monthly vinyl giveaway (see rules at bottom)...
  3. doctorcilantro

    Anyone ordered from YACCO cables lately?

    I'm still waiting on some custom cables after about 3-4 months.
  4. doctorcilantro

    Tube power amps less than 5.5

    Hi all, Got some good suggestions last time when I was looking for a mini-system for my wife. Now, I need to put together a list of tube power amps LESS THAN 5.5" tall and at least 6watts per channel ( (prefer true power w/ no volume pot). 1. Sophia Baby 2. Eastern Electric minimax...
  5. doctorcilantro

    Modder needed 1616M breakout box

    I'm looking to hire some help in order to mod my 1616M. Below are suggestions, not mine, and some may not pertain to my needs. Here's my purpose for the mods: 1. Improve S/PDIF output to feed ESS Sabre DAC 2. Improve analog stage for vinyl archiving (I just sold my Lavry AD-10 and wouldn't...
  6. doctorcilantro


    I purchased a Nova recently and I was told that USB would not accept a 24/96 source. I was told that if I pass 24/96 source material via Tos. or Coax it would not affect/modify the signal. I was hoping that no conversion would done as the source is at 24/96. Edit - I see the NOVA is a 24/192...
  7. doctorcilantro

    ALO dock new pricing

    Have the fidelity docking stations always been priced at 185? I thought they used to be more? DC
  8. doctorcilantro

    Full range drivers (complete speaker options)

    Hi all, I'm planning on downsizing my system and going to go with some full range drivers, possibly the Tekton 8.1. I'd love to buy something like the SEAS Exotic Alnico drivers and have cabs built for them, but I don't have the time. I'm going to be using a Decware Mini-Torii amp and the...
  9. doctorcilantro

    Patchmix gurus...

    Okay. Here's a scenario. Externally lock EMU1212M to Lavry AD-10 at 96Khz. Record at 24/96. Samplitude monitors the input and sends to ASIO out. With Patchmix, attenuate the ASIO (which runs out to a Lavry DA-10), by 10db. EMU Patchmix runs at 32bit internally; I would keep...
  10. doctorcilantro

    New K601 owner review

    "great" why is html off? DC
  11. doctorcilantro

    XLR > Headphones (safe?)

    Hi all, I have a tube pre-amp that has some unused XLR outputs. The XLR cables I have are terminated on the other end with 1/4" plugs....could I use an adapter safely and connect some Grado cans or my current Denon AH960's ? Thanks Dr. C
  12. doctorcilantro

    Looking for a specialized DAC

    Anyone know of any DAC's with 2 set's of RCA to digital coax inputs & ouptuts. I'd like one with: RCA pair input>Digital out Digital in>RCA pair out If anyone knows of a similar device that has ADAT instead of digital coax, that would work too. thanks Dr. C