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  1. GarageBoy

    Heavy cords are getting annoying...(Meelec A151) Anyone have any ideas?

    So I love the sound of my Meelectronics A151s and the cord is great except for the fact that it's heavy and droops all over the place. It gets annoying as the cord will dangle around, get caught on the buckles of my bag and my clothes, or drag the drivers off my desk due to its weight...
  2. GarageBoy

    Cleaning your headphones?

    So how do you guys clean your headband and ear cups on your head phones? Thanks
  3. GarageBoy

    FutureSonics Atrio X or something from Meelec / Soundmagics

    Okay, so I've used UE Super Fi 3s (too thin and sounding) Meelec M9s (kinda muddy, but I like everything else) Phonak PFEs (no complaints, but they broke) Meelec M6s (pain to fit and if I breathe/tilt my head, they break the seal)   Atrio Xs are in my price range and I like the dark...
  4. GarageBoy

    Amp via headphone out- degrade sound?

    Wouldn't adding another amp between the headphone out (NOT line out) and the headphones add distortions/coloration/etc that weren't there w/o it? You are going through two amps
  5. GarageBoy

    Replacement for Sennheiser PX100s (do the PX100-IIs sound the same?)

    I have a feeling mine are going to die soon (been using them since 2003-4?) I love the sound signature on these and I heard that the IIs do not sound the same? If not, what else has the dark, slightly warm and colored sound the PX100s ooze?
  6. GarageBoy

    Standardized tip/flange sizes for IEMs?

    Are there standardized sizes? I'd hate to have to toss a pair because they dont make the proper size tips for it anymore Thanks
  7. GarageBoy

    Phonak PFE re cable?

    Can this be done and who can do it for me?
  8. GarageBoy

    Phonak PFE V0 cable replacement?

    Who can do a recable of these, if possible? How much would it run?
  9. GarageBoy

    Headphones for 1950s-1960s oldies music?

    Wondering what is nice, rich and warm for these vintage recordings. Thanks!
  10. GarageBoy

    How is something like a Fostex DR-07 as a source?

    Just curious how well these $200 recorders sound
  11. GarageBoy

    For $20- should I get a pair of Sennheiser CX300s or JVC Marshmallows?

    I need to get a friend some nice cheap, canal phones. I've only heard the Marshmallows. How does the CX300 compare?
  12. GarageBoy

    Online radio (AOL radio)?

    Anyone have experience listening to AOL radio? How is the sound quality?
  13. GarageBoy

    UE3s sound too thin for me, any suggestions?

    I want to "upgrade" as IMHO, my marshmallows gave me a fuller sound than these. Any suggestions?
  14. GarageBoy

    Anyone try emusic?

    Real curious what format and what quality their files are
  15. GarageBoy

    What case do you guys use to carry your IEMs and your mp3 player?

    Just curious what you guys use to store your IEMs and source between sessions. The stock tin can that the UE3s come with suck (bends the cord in weird angles to fit)
  16. GarageBoy

    Creative Zen/Sony Walkman/Cowon IAudio7 for great sounding mp3 player around $120

    So, how does the SQ of these players compare to each other. My current is the Sansa Clip. To be used with UE Super Fi 3s Thanks!
  17. GarageBoy

    JVC Marshmallows- alternative tips?

    What tips can be used on the the Marshmallows once I remove the tube?
  18. GarageBoy

    UE3 tips- how to choose which ones to use?

    How do I "test" which tips are right for me? Also- are the grey foamies discontinued? (the site redirects me to the comply site) Also, which Shure Olives can be modded for the UEs? Thanks!
  19. GarageBoy

    Sennheiser PX200 pads on PX100?

    How much does this affect the sound of the PX100? I hate the foam pads on mine and thought the PX200 pads would be a comfort upgrade
  20. GarageBoy

    Lifespan of a pair of headphones?

    So with daily use, how long is a pair of headphones destined to last? (not IEMs) My Px100s "leather" and foam head pads are beginning to wear through and are not replaceable. The foam grill insert is beginning to disintegrate too. Too bad, because the rest is fine
  21. GarageBoy

    PX100 sound- but no foam ear pads?

    What sounds close of the PX100 but doesn't use foam ear pads? (I'm okay with Grado style pads, but the Sennheiser PX100 type make my ears itch like nuts) Trying to keep it under $80.
  22. GarageBoy

    Replacing the head band padding on Sennheiser PX100s?

    The fake leather wrapped foam has been deteriorating on my 6 year old PX100s. Unfortunately, the parts website only lists the foam ear pads. How can I replace the former? Also, is there a way to use other ear pads, the foam makes me itch
  23. GarageBoy

    Sony A810, Sony S610 or Samsung T9?

    Anyone tried all three yet? I love the screen and the form of the Sony
  24. GarageBoy

    How do you get JVC Marshmallows to fit ?

    How am I supposed to get these things to fit? I gave up, yanked the foam and the rubber off and stuck in Shure E2C black silicone tips on it and left it. Sounds better than the FX55s they replaced, IMHO. I have a second pair that I wanna try stock and can't get the foam to seal all the way