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  1. georgelai57

    NFC vs BT - how much difference does it make to sound quality?

    Hi,   Purely on sound quality (not battery life, proximity, etc), how does NFC compare with the various BT flavors when "paired" with wireless speakers? I understand that NFC has a maximum speed of 400 Kbps and BT >1 Mbps (I don't know which flavor) and would this make a difference when...
  2. georgelai57

    Breaking the seal on Custom IEMs

    I find that with one of my CIEMs, I can break the seal if I arch my eyebrows all the way up, which is of course something I won't do in public as that might startle some people! This led me to thinking that it would be interesting to hear from owners of CIEMs (IEMs too if that is also true) of...
  3. georgelai57

    Game apps

    I am using an iPad to access, sometimes via Safari and sometimes via Chrome. For a while now, for no apparent reason, my iPad App Store will open automatically and show me a game app to download. It's usually the same few game apps. Now I have found out that these same game apps are...
  4. georgelai57

    Astell & Kern AK10 portable DAC and amp

    Here's a new product from Astell & Kern - the AK10 portable DAC (for iPhone, Android, Mac and PC) and Amp! See
  5. georgelai57

    No love for the 300? HiFiMan HE-300 that is.

    As a new owner of a HE-400 I'm very happy with the purchase. The many posts and threads here helped lighten my wallet. Granted the HE-300 are not planar magnetics but at USD249 currently, I would have thought there would be more fans. No love for the 300?
  6. georgelai57

    Faces behind the names

    In recent weeks, I have been very impressed by entrepreneurs who stand by their products and respond directly to your queries, thoughts and suggestions, whether via or emails. Foremost amongst them, M. Goodman (Centrance), D. Clark (MrSpeakers), D. Maudlin (Cypherlabs). Take a bow...
  7. georgelai57

    Earpad materials - materially different?

    On various threads, there are comments on replacing pleather earpads with velour, notably the Beyerdynamic DT770LE. Usually the consensus is that whilst comfort goes up a notch, which is especially important to those that live in humid climates, the sound "suffers" a notch too. Personally I have...
  8. georgelai57

    Alternative ear pads

    Hi, I thought it might be useful to start a thread and reference source on what alternative ear pads one can use on headphones. Most will likely have an impact on the sound so do feel free to add your comments. I will start with those headphones I own and have changed the pads: 1. Sony...
  9. georgelai57

    CD player to headphone amp

    Is it possible to connect the RCA Out on a CD player like the NAD C515BEE to a headphone amp? In addition, are there CD players with two pairs of RCA Outs and that allow you to flip between RCA Out to say that headphone amp and an integrated amp? Thanks.
  10. georgelai57

    Grado SR325i with Beyerdynamic earpad

    Much as I adore my 325, I can't stand the S-Cush, L-Cush or G-Cush. I like the size of the G-Cush but it's itchy and easily slips off the back of my head. I put the S-Cush on the 325 and attach onto it a Beyerdynamic velour earpad. It's now the same size as a G-Cush but comfortable and stays on...
  11. georgelai57

    Amps for HD600, DT880(250), SR325iS, K550

    Hi guys, I bought a Sennheiser HD600 today on impulse, just after getting a Beyer DT880 250 ohms a week ago. This adds to my collection of Grado SR325iS, ATH-M50, ATH-AD700, AKG K550, etc. My music is predominantly rock, Blues, R&B and are usually from my iMac in Lossless and 320. I have an...
  12. georgelai57

    My V-Jays sure do hurt

    When I don't feel like hooking up my full size cans to an amp and/or DAC, I resort to my go-to's whether the Koss Porta Pro or V-Jays. It may be the shape of my ears but these hurt. I've tried using two foam covers as well as reduce tension in the headbands but that doesn't help. In desperation...
  13. georgelai57

    Lo Fi

    Sometimes you just want to listen to some music but don't really want to put together all your nice equipment and you can't stand the radio. Especially if I think I'd doze off or I'm watching action sports like golf (?) on TV with the volume off. In such circumstances I use an "old" iPod nano...
  14. georgelai57

    How durable is the Audioengine 2?

    Hi,   I'm contemplating getting these but I'm a bit concerned they don't have grilles/cloth covers at all. I'd like to hear from owners, and disaster stories if any.   Thanks
  15. georgelai57

    Connecting Fiio e10 to good computer speakers

    I have my fiio e10 "permanently" connected to my iMac to listen to my iTunes via my Audio Technica ATH M50, Grados etc. I would like to connect the coaxial out or line out to good quality computer speakers and I assume that since the e10s are fairly good, I should not opt for speakers with...