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  1. fateicon

    Looking for small amp for K701

    I really like my Darkvoice 332 out of an Arcam 73 w/these, but I'm looking for something smaller to travel with. I have an x-head amp which has adequate power, it just sounds a lot more blurry than the DV332 when paired with the Arcam. The only small amp at the local store is a Rega Ear, but...
  2. fateicon

    So I really like the K701 I recently got

    I decided to finally pull the trigger and get the K701 after liking it better than anything else I heard at Can Jam. At the time, I didn't like it as much as I did the button RS-1 when plugged into my Arcam 73-DV 332 setup. Now that I've got it plugged into my setup, I like it far more than the...
  3. fateicon

    Looking for small solid state amp

    I normally use Darkvoice 332, Arcam 73, RS-1, and transparent tl100 interconnects. I tried a rega ear silver and thought it did the job minimally, but fell short of the DV332. It certainly provided a much bigger sound than the Ibasso P2 portable I have. I need a light weight amp to take on trips...
  4. fateicon

    Want help reevaluating my RS-1 based rig

    I've got an Arcam 73 for a source, Darkvoice 332 using the Syvetlana tubes everyone loves for rectifiers and either Mullard m8100s I received from norspoon or the new equivalents from that antique supply store(which have significantly less bass and power then the originals norspoon sent me)...
  5. fateicon

    Tube Rolling Guide?

    I just got a Darkvoice 332 and ordered some Mullard M8100s, but I'm new to this whole thing and want to be sure I know what to do before swapping tubes. Anyone know of a guide that explains all this tube rolling stuff?
  6. fateicon

    Gilmore Lite vs EC/SS vs Darkvoice for RS-1

    I'm considering these three to go with my RS-1s and Arcam 73 instead of the Ibasso P2, which seems to lack body. I listed Darkvoice as a general term because I'm not sure which model to buy.
  7. fateicon

    Ibasso P2 vs SS and Tube amps

    So I just tried the following sources with RS-1 and P2: Arcam 73 and 102, Marantz cc 4001, and rotel rcd 1072. Some $35 cable too. I used dynamic old cds like Bonnie Tyler, Europe, Megadeth, King Diamond, and vinyl rips of Fate-S/T and Annica-Badly Dreaming. I use a Pioneer CLD S201 LD...
  8. fateicon

    Looking At New Amp for RS-1

    I've got the RS-1s, GoVibeV5 with the more powerful version of its power supply, and a Pioneer CLD-S201 Laserdisc player as a source. When I initially tried out all the Grado headphones, I used both this Govibe and the RA-1. For sources, I used some $700 Rotel cd player and some $3000 cd...
  9. fateicon

    Burn-in with and without amp

    I just started using the Go-vibeV5 with my SR-60s again, and I'm noticing significant bass improvement over the last 10 days or so. When I first tried these both fresh outta the box, it was unbearably cold and treble-heavy. It was sorta like that 10 days ago. I had just been using an old...
  10. fateicon

    Have GovibeV5 and SR60, new amp or new phones?

    I love the details and separation I get, but there is a real lack of bass and it often sounds a bit cold. My source is a pioneer cld-s201 laserdisc player. I want more bass and warmth, more detail, and more separation. I mainly listen to hard rock like Dokken and Judas Priest, along with film...
  11. fateicon

    Need to pick new headphones, maybe more for Xmas+Bday

    Current setup: Source: pioneer cld-s201 laserdisc Amp: govibe5, no mods or anything(using a standard music cable. red and white rca with headphone plug going into the govibe's input) headphones: SR60, no mods and the same pads it...
  12. fateicon

    HD555 vs SR60 with discman, unamped

    I went to Tweeter Center to check out the cans. I found a bunch of Senns, the 555s seemed to be the only bigger ones. They had a bunch of the PX models too. They gave me an ipod to try the 555s with, so I just grabbed my discman instead. I used a metal album, Nevermore's S/T remaster. The sound...