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  1. buddhashenglong

    Refusing Free SkullCandy

    ...and she wasn't even a stranger. Last year I was given some free SC G.I.s, the FreeSkier EVH edition. The girl who gave me these cans is cool and hot, but I think she thought my KSC75 in an open V-150 frame were junk. Fast forward to last Friday and I am still rocking the hybrids and she...
  2. buddhashenglong

    Super extra ultra heavy duty BMX wheels???

    Any expert advice would be greatly appreciated here, I am just north 300 lbs and looking to have some wheels built for my 20" and 24" bmx bikes. Before you hop in here and call me fat, consider this; I've lost 4" off of my belly and gained 7 lbs in the past two months. Hubs and rim...
  3. buddhashenglong

    Recurring thread consolidation???

    Is there a way or want to do this, like every few months (days?) a NEW "Bose Bash", "Skullcandy sucks", or "KSC75 is such an amazing value, who knew" thread pops up. Maybe that could improve our SNR? Or when entering a thread title a search that returns similar/identical threads and posters...
  4. buddhashenglong

    Headphone Loans

    Hello everybody, I am curious to know what cans you would lend out and the extenuating circumstances that justify these loans. My marshmallows are flying to Brooklyn this morning with a friends mom, Koss R/80(blue-tak mod) to a friend(sorry about his wallet) at work sick of ibuds and...
  5. buddhashenglong

    VINYL to FLAC Stylus Recommendation.

    I am looking for an excellent\affordable stylus to transfer vinyl to digital using a numark TTX spdif coax into an M-audio firewire solo with audacity, cooledit or soundforge. Accuracy is my goal. I don't know much about needles outside of club\radio mixing,(shure m 447, ortofon , stanton al...