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  1. V3lier

    Replacement tips for JVC Marshmallows

    I have the JVC Marshmallows and well I made my own custom eartips but they've broken. The original tips were way too small :|. My canals are very big for some reason even though I don't have big ears :P. Anyways I'm looking for tips which will give me a good grip in my ears. Thank you .
  2. V3lier

    Sansa Fuze Vs. Cowon i7 Vs. Sony Walkman

    Alright. I'm still searching for an mp3 purely for music and have a hard time deciding which mp3 to buy. I've recently bought the Samsung P2 and I'm returning it tomorrow. Nice screen, features but I'm not impressed with the sound quality. Nice bass, but many details are left off compared to the...
  3. V3lier

    Need Beautiful Sound. Need Help.

    Alright. I've been researching for a new mp3 player with sound quality being the main objective. I had a Cowon D2 and liked it but I keep reading about bass rolloff and about better sounding mp3 players in the market and I want to get a different mp3 player. I don't want Sony for many reasons...
  4. V3lier

    Amp Suggestions

    Well I'm going to be buying a Sansa Fuze soon and would like a portable amp to buy. It doesn't need to be cheap but small...small enough to fit around your pocket. I've read that the FiiO E3 is good...but the Xin Micro is better..but I'm wondering if there is any others? Thank you.
  5. V3lier

    Looking for something with more bass

    Well I have a clix2 which is great and I'm looking to replace the headphones that came with them. So I read some reviews and everything about the Ultimate Ears 3 and I've read that they don't have a lot of bass and thing is I'm looking for something with good bass because I listen to a...