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  1. noxa

    The Denimhead thread

    Calling all Denimheads on Head Fi, if you're rocking raw denim while rocking your cans then this is the place to show your Jeans, your hard earned fades. What are are wearing now, what are you looking to cop next?
  2. noxa

    Wireless headphones and to speakers at the same time?

    Looking to see how I would go about using Wireless headphones and to speakers at the same time. My father is going slightly deaf and as such has the TV ridiculously loud and it's driving my mum mad! They run all the sound through an AV receiver connected to a surround sound system. So can anyone...
  3. noxa

    If you like.......... You'll love.......... *Music suggestion thread*

    I'm Looking to broaden my musical horizons and I'm sure many of you are. The point of the thread is to post the name or a pic of the artist or album you like and then someone will suggest an alternate that you may never have thought of or even heard of. Basically the Head-Fi version of Genius.
  4. noxa

    Is line out line out? No matter the source?

    I've been wondering this for a while now, a pretty simple question I would have though, say I use the line out on a cheapish Fiio X1 will it be the same as using Line out from a high end player? As the internals are bypassed is the player simply a UI and transport of using a true line out?
  5. noxa

    Quick question I've always wondered about?......

    I've never really been big into my source but I think it's time i upgrade but I have a quick question, maybe it's a stupid one but I'll still ask, is a one dap the same as another dap of running through a true line out? Ie if using and external dac and amp would a Fiio X1 be any different from a...
  6. noxa

    The Head-Fi *Hall of Fame*

    Introducing the Head-Fi Hall of Fame!   Most great institutions have a Hall of Fame in place to show honor and respect to the greats of the past, the ones that added to it's rise, helped set the standard and pave the way on the evolutionary road, and surely Head-Fi deserves one?   I need...
  7. noxa

    Need new amp, need help

    I really need a new amp but i'm trying to find one that fits my specific needs. I don't know why but there's something about my ipod mini that i just really like, but after recently aquiring the Ultrasone Signature DJ as my portable can i really need a new amp. I'm looking for an amp that will...
  8. noxa

    Can I change a 4 pin to a 3 pin XLR?

    I really need some help as I'm a serious novice about anything cables. I have just bought a pair of balanced headphones with a 4 pin xlr socket but I need a 3 pin for use with my amp, I can't seem to find a 4 to 3 pin adapter anywhere? So is it possible to remove the 4 pin neutrik and replace...
  9. noxa

    Can't decide between Heir audio 3.a or

    I'm looking for a new pair of iem's and the Heir audio 3 have peaked my interest but I'm not sure whether to go for the custom or universal, I know there are obvious benefits to the custom but is the extra expense and lack of wood finish as standard still worthwhile. If anyone has heard both and...
  10. noxa

    Cowon C2 or i10

    So i'm looking to order either one of by tomorrow but i can't decide which one to go for, both the same price but which one is the better product overall? Anyone have any expierience with these?
  11. noxa

    First Cowon or back to Hifiman?

    Hello guys   I had a Hifiman HM-601 and recently sent it back for a refund for a whole host of issues, firstly the size was just too big for in my pocket on the go and then the battery life was just a bit too short, forget to charge it one night and you have no music next day, also i just...
  12. noxa

    Anybody heard the T70p and DT990?

    I currently own the DT990 250 ohm and am enjoying the Beyer sound and build quality and am looking to move up the Beyer line. Has anyone heard both of these headphones and can give me a brief comparison.
  13. noxa

    Very close to buying a HM-601 but...

    I need a bit of help. Firstly my knowledge of anything not ipod is very limited, and i have only ever ripped music using itunes. My ipod is on it's last legs and i really want a change and i've discovered i really want a warm sound so from what i've read the HM-601 seems a very good option.  ...
  14. noxa

    Hifiman 601 question

    hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice on the HM-601. I'm currently using a pair of dt990 250 ohm and am wondering if the 601 has enough power to run them to a decent volume and with a bit of authority without an external amp. thanks guys
  15. noxa

    Looking for a cheap amp for my DT990 250 ohm

    I'm new to full size headphones and am waiting to receive my DT 990 premium 250 ohm. I currently have a total bithead which i use with my IE-8 with the low/high gain switch but from listening to people with far more knowledge tham me this won't be adequate to drive the beyers. So i'm basically...
  16. noxa

    Graham slee voyager for hd650

    Hello I am new to anything amp related so need advice from knowledgable people. At the moment I am running my ie8 direct from my iPhone and like the sound alot but I have recently been wanting some full size headphones for comfort as I find iem's painful for extended listening. I would like to...
  17. noxa

    looking to move up from IE8 to full size cans

    Hello all I currently have the IE8's which i really love but they seem to have ended my rise through IEM's as i don't want to go the custom route, although i am really happy with the IE8 i get the feeling i can do better with full size cans. I really only listen to music through my Iphone...
  18. noxa

    Is ie8 significant upgrade from future sonics atrio

    Hello all I currently have the atrios and am looking to upgrade to the ie8 and I would like to know if the ie8 will have the at least equal bass quantity and quality of the atrio? Also will I se a vast improvement in overall sound quality in the ie8 thank you for your advice
  19. noxa

    Fiio E5 for HD650?

    Hello all I am new to full size cans and amplication. I have various IEM"s and a fiio E3 amp but i would like to get some HD650 to use with my iphone 3G but have no clue as to whether it will work or which amp is best for my needs. Thanks for the help.
  20. noxa

    Can HD650 be used with ipod

    Hello all I am lookin to buy my first pair of full size cans after having various IEM's and i need to know if the sennheisers can be used with an ipod, will i need a portable amp if so which one would be a good choice. Thank you for your help.
  21. noxa

    All IE8 and SE530 owners needed!

    Hello all I know this subject has been spoken about many times before but the answers given are never concise. I dont want a poll because as we all know they usually turn in to a joke because alot of people who vote have no experience with both earphones. All i want to know is your answer to...
  22. noxa

    Need help deciding!

    Hi all I am looking to move up from my atrio m8 because i find them a little dark sounding and i no longer need the isolation of an IEM. I am torn between the Grado 225i and the Stax sr 001 mk2. I know these are quite different but i hear they both have good vocals and a lively presentation...