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  1. JaeYoon

    Cable Materials Affecting sound?

    Can anyone give more insight on cables. Which is practically just a wire, now I do know electricity does whatever it wants, flows however through anything conductable. But someone on a review site says they have a Ph.D friend who can explain why cables affect sound. You all have a lot more...
  2. JaeYoon

    Digital Audio Players have their personality/Balanced?

    Now I want to ask some questions and this is only neutral place I can ask without receiving pseudo science answers. Now idea in many threads in Portable Source Gear is that every portable music player sounds different. Some in $100 -400 range. Others in $500-1200 range and above. I noticed...
  3. JaeYoon

    Pioneer SR MHR-5

    Hey I would like to start a thread on these Pioneer SR MHR-5. But I'm surprised there's practically no information about it. Someone posted these headphones in another thread :) I bought them from Amazon for $251.00 This is my first day with these headphones. I've gotten some good comments...
  4. JaeYoon

    Need help selecting Closed headphone

    So my main genres of music are K-pop and Melodic Death metal (Old In Flames, Kalmah, Eluveitie) My budget is so far anywhere up to $400. $500+ if there is absolutely good reason to. I'm in an urban environment and I commute using bus and light rail trains and work at a office cubicle...