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  1. Chickenman

    Upgrading from MS-1?

    Well, here I am... From almost a year of head-fi and with my trusty old MS-1's, I've seem to caught the upgrade bug. With some saved money (gotta love older relatives ) and a basic amp (my 2Move) I am eager to move in a new direction. Firstly, the pros of the MS-1 I have to say I love the...
  2. Chickenman

    A NOT so short review!: JAYS q-JAYS 56k Beware! Tons of pics!

    Well, this review starts out with a long story. JAYS decided to have a Christmas contest for the winners of a new pair of q-JAYS and d-JAYs, both in maroon red. Being enthusiastic and wanting some nice pairs of IEMS, I entered. I originally didn't win, but one of the winners did not reply in...
  3. Chickenman

    Finally getting my first amp! The Meier 2Move!

    Well, This is a special time for me. I just ordered the 2Move off TTVJ and now I start the wait! This will be my first amp ever and I've been begging my parents since the start of March, so hope its worth it! First, I would like to know, is it advisable to get a good IC if I'm going to be...
  4. Chickenman

    Any good GIF shrinkers worth using

    I would like to shrink the file size of a GIF but I cant seem to find a good program for this. The program should be free too. Thanks, Jayon
  5. Chickenman

    Good Website to get CD's from Japan/Korea?

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering due to some curiosity where I could get CDs for a good price that are from Japan and Korea. I'm not looking for any particular artist, I just would like this information as a reference for later on. Thanks, Jayon
  6. Chickenman

    Questions about methods of payment for a high school student..

    This is just a useful piece of information I would like to know. I am 15 years old, I don't work, and I do not have a bank account or a credit card. If I was to buy something from the internet, what are the methods of payment I would be able to use? (Including buying from Head-Fi forums) Oh, and...
  7. Chickenman

    Grado sound good with Meier Headsix?

    Just wondering because I have received some cash during xmas and I currently have the MS1s. Also, I am looking to buy higher up, so would this be a good buy? P.S. - It would be very helpful if I was able to get a list of headphones/IEMs that synergized well with this amp.
  8. Chickenman

    Help with D2!

    I have the D2 and I finally had the guts to take off the bent, and greasy screen protector that i got from Ebay. Now I have a problem. I need another one because I am too scared to even use it now. Any suggestions?
  9. Chickenman


    I love Ramen. Being Korean, there is never a time where I am without ramen. Discuss what brands are good, and what flavors you like! (can be from anywhere, not just Korea)
  10. Chickenman

    A good classical music CD for a beginner?

    I'm thinking of purchasing a Classical music CD that will get me introduced to the greats, and the beautiful. I would prefer if the recommendation wasn't a boxed set, or over 30 dollars. I will be listening without an amp and on my MS1. Thanks, and happy listening! - Jayon
  11. Chickenman

    Etymotic Er-6i's good for rock?

    I am currently wanting these buds for noise canceling and portable usage. (this is since xmas is coming..) My playlist is mainly composed of bands like Pink Floyd, Eagles, etc.. I also like rap. I'm wondering if er6i's fit these genres.
  12. Chickenman

    The two versions of DT770.

    I'm not thinking of buying these at the moment, but I'm curious about these cans. If they aren't darthed, which one has a better overall SQ? How much is the price difference? And, which one is a better buy? (please note, this should be YOUR opinion, not according to my sound source, preference...
  13. Chickenman

    How to organize music on D2?

    Hi, for some reason, one of the albums on my Cowon D2 are not in order. are there any programs i can use? thanks -Jayon
  14. Chickenman

    Found this stand..

    Hi, I just ordered MS1's and I was looking for a stand. At the Bed Bath and Beyond website, I found this looks functional.. I'm just wondering if anybody has this or it could pose any potential problems.. thanks