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  1. Elec

    The Stax thread (New)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Comfy On another note, it's seems pretty hard to upgrade from a SRM-1 + SR-Lambda combo without really hurting my wallet. I find this a little saddening, as minor upgrades have always been a fun thing to aim for. In the stat universe it seems like the next...
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    Attention Ety ER-4 DIYers - P>S Adapter Info

    Wow, $2 a resistor! I made a couple adapters using Vishay-Dale resistors (which are better than the cheapie Radio Shack ones by far), and they sounded just fine to me. They probably averaged out to $2 each though including shipping - even if the resistors are 15 cents each, you'll pay 6 bucks to...
  3. Elec

    Odds of regretting this tattoo at some point?

    He could probably get hired at Hot Topic
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    Declaring Independency and taking out your own loans

    Quote: Originally Posted by Whitebread I am treating becoming independent and getting the loan as two different, exclusive items. I'm studying engineering, which is a fully private school at Cornell. Some of the colleges reside on land granted to the school by NY state. If I was in the...
  5. Elec

    Lightning quick internet.

    Quote: Originally Posted by 003 The 20mb/s spike in comcast is powerboost, the first 20 seconds of a download it goes up to 30mb/s I think. rather pointless for p2p and server hosting. Ditch comcast asap dude. Search google for "comcast sandvine", you will see why. I don't...
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    Saddled By Debt, Consumers Shop Some More to feel better

    Doesn't make sense to me either. Growing up, my parents gave me money, but not much. Basically, it taught me that if I wanted anything substantial, I had to save for it, and maybe save for a LONG time. So I had to choose between buying little things now, or waiting and buying bigger things when...
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    Bad time to put my foot down? (relationships)

    Her reaction seems like Step 1 on the road to Bridezilla. Ok, so maybe you didn't give her the perfect fantasy proposal. The whole point of the event is not for her to feel pretty and like she has a wonderful Hollywood life. It's for you to tell her you love her and that you want to spend the...
  8. Elec

    Shure vs. Ety iron cage match

    ER4s are great, although they're neutral enough that you may not like 'em at first listen if you're used to something more lively. I thought mine sounded cold and dead at first because I was used to my Senns, which are a lot more warm, lush, and airy in comparison. I had to spend a lot of...
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    Where the best place to eat crab in Maryland/DE/DC/VA? Probably my favorite crabcakes in the area so far. It's up near BWI. If you want whole crabs you'll wanna go elsewhere.
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    Do you own something old that you're proud of?

    I've got a Creedmoor Bank made in the late 1800s that belonged to my great grandfather. It has a rifleman aiming at a tree. You can put a coin on his rifle, pull back a little springloaded lever, and press his foot to fire the coin into the slot in the hollow tree. The paint is mostly worn off...
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    My Student Loans Make Me Want to Cry

    Quote: Originally Posted by Klarus It's more like 4.7k before taxes, so after taxes it'd probably be closer to 3k, 3.5k, from what I see online about tax brackets. 2-2.5k a month is more than decent to live on, especially for a single person. That's what I think anyhow. Still, that's...
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    My Student Loans Make Me Want to Cry

    I hope it's worth it! I'm often thankful I ended up going to a state University that was really affordable. I managed to pay as I went and came out of school only owing about 3 grand. It was a good experience, I had fun, I got a quality education, and I got my degree. And you know what? I...
  13. Elec

    Movie theatre experience? Still worth the price of admission.

    I find it funny a lot of people are bagging on image and sound at the theater. That's pretty much the ONLY reason I go to the theater, aside from "must see this new movie ASAP". I don't go for the rude and annoying people, sticky floors, expensive food and drinks, and broken seats. I go so I can...
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    Who doesn't like their Wii?

    All my friends that have Wiis say they love them. When asked though, most have been playing Wii Sports and maybe Zelda. Several have not finished Zelda. "It's fun but...I dunno, I just haven't been playing it." I like the concept behind what the Wii offers, but it needs more games worth...
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    So Who's Getting an iPhone?

    I'd be more interested if it had a hard drive.
  16. Elec

    Do you ever think of a crush you had from a long time ago?

    Head-Fi appropriate story: The other day, I was chatting online with one of my exes. Apparently her husband decided they needed some bigass fancy stereo, so she was telling me about the various components they'd picked, and one of them was a pair of Sennheiser headphones. She said she...
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    How Many Letters Do You Send via Postal Service?

    I pay about half a dozen bills by mail these days. I don't send a lot of actual handwritten letters or correspondence by snail mail, mostly just the bills. Auto-pay seems convenient, but I still don't completely trust it. It takes time to check my bills and statements, and then write the...
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    Pop v. Soda v. Coke mapped

    I grew up in the midwest but my parents are from the East coast and I now live in Maryland, so I'm ok with pop or soda. People using Coke as a generic name for all soft drinks bugs the crap out of me. But, you say, people do this with Kleenex! Which is true, although if I ask for a Kleenex, I...
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    Experiences with big spiders

    I found this "little" guy on my wall last summer. To give you an idea of scale, his body was about the size of a dime but the legs were quite long and he was probably a good 6 inches or so from tip to tip. He seemed harmless, and I scooped him up and tossed him outside. I don't like...
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    StereoGraph Tetris!

    I liked 3D Tetris on the Virtual Boy better. It was "actual" 3D and didn't require any effort to see the pieces.
  21. Elec

    How reliable is the Mazda RX-8

    Quote: Originally Posted by rb67 Yeah, I definitely don't plan on souping up my car. Fortunately I kind of skipped over the boy racer "lets boost this thing sky high" phase. I am excluding the Evo because I don't like the looks and the base WRX because it really isn't fair to compare it...
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    Ah, the kits I'm looking at come with two fermenters (one plastic, one glass), a siphon, a copper wort chiller, and some other various gadgets that probably add to the cost from what you paid. They also come with a capper and some bottle caps, so you could easily save store-bought bottles so...
  23. Elec

    So, did you go up or down today?

    My retirement fund dropped 48 cents a share today, so I lost about $110, though to put it in perspective, share prices are now where they were a month ago. If I was near retirement instead of only a couple years in, it could have been a few thousand bucks lost, but that'd still be relatively...
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    Computer Science major: worth it?

    You really have to go with what you enjoy. I personally have a CS degree and spend most of my time at work coding, writing algorithms, doing problem-solving in my head or on paper, and testing. There are lots of ways you can specialize in CS, either in school or the workplace. My specialty these...
  25. Elec

    Post your favourite local food joints/restaurant

    Quote: Originally Posted by stevesurf Massive, Volume eating at Harold's. Their Pastrami is quite good. Note the size of a single piece of Chocolate Mousse Cake. I have placed bottles of wine next to the box for a sense of scale. Also note that I had to use a fisheye lens to...