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  1. MaZa

    Video editing help

    Ok, here is what I have to do. A cousin of mine is getting married, and we have some excellent and funny videos from her childhood which would be shown with a speech (atleast thats a one plan for the show in their wedding party). They are already transferred to DVD luckily. So, I have to rip...
  2. MaZa

    Looking for closed portable headphones

    I have decided that IEMs are not my thing. They refuse to stay in my ears, and my earwax production is quite high so filters get clogged in few days. (at best, in few hours at worse!) Its quite sad because I like both d-JAYS and ER6i, but I just cant use them... So, I have to stick with...
  3. MaZa

    I'm off to Belgium tomorrow. Does VISA Electron work there?

    Question to you Belgium people, or anyone who has visited there. Does VISA Electron work commonly? In bars, shops, anywhere? Theoretically it should work everywhere where normal VISA debit card works, but thats not always the case I think? Just wondering if I should take a lot of cash with me or...
  4. MaZa

    Looking for small subwoofer

    I have a pair of Behringer B2030a monitor speakers, and I want a subwoofer to accompany them. It doesnt have to be anything hifi quality, I only want it to extend behringers mediocre bass extension and depth a bit. However, I live in apartment house, so big woofers are bit no no: I AM NOT...
  5. MaZa

    Audioengine A2/A5 or Behringer B2030A

    I need (read: want ) some active speakers, and good ones. But which one would be better suited for music I listen. Audioengine is quite known brand, but these Behringer monitors have gathered quite a bit of fame for their incredible price/perfomance ratio as monitors. Even though behringer is...
  6. MaZa

    HD580 vs. K701?

    Comparison of these two cans is needed. What has drawn me to listen HD580 more and more in late few days has been soundstage. It has a huge (if bit artificial) acoustic space feeling that really gives music like Black Metal a completely new atmosphere. And classical this stuff is almost...
  7. MaZa

    Cheap NOS Dacs?

    So far, I have been pleased with my M-Audio 2496, though to tell the truth the difference between it and Elite Pro is extremely minimal. Shows how good Elite Pro actually is. Though I have sort of itch to try some Non-oversampling DACs, but I dont know any brands. Im aware of Monica2 USB, but...
  8. MaZa

    DT880 2005 vs. new DT880 Pro?

    This is something I have wondered a while now, and havent found an answer. For example, Thomann has DT880 2005 and some new DT880 Pro model for sale. Thing is, the pro one is cheaper, so what is the difference? Besides some few differences (atleast in pics, not sure about in person), they look...
  9. MaZa

    Soundcard or DAC with pure unamped line-outs?

    Now that I have my RS1 and loving them to death, there is only one thing I want to fix in my rig. Currently I have Elite Pro as source. While being decent source, it doesnt have unamped line-out. All signals go thru its opamp. This provides some SS amplification, which then again renders the...
  10. MaZa

    First impressions of Grado RS1

    They are here! And what a gorgeus looking headphone it is! First thing that really hitted me in face after using SR325i was that what happened to the highs... Few seconds of getting used to, and I noticed that the highs are all there. Every detail is there and the Grado sound is all there...
  11. MaZa

    First Impressions: Etymotic ER-6i

    First time I got them, I immidietly swapped to biflanges and didnt even bother with triflanges. They looked horribly uncomfy and big. Comfort: You cant forget you have something stuffed in your ears, atleast not with biflanges. But not particularly annoying either, just itchy. Gotta try...
  12. MaZa

    Scratching sound from tube?

    I have had my mullards EF95 for couple of weeks and listened extensively. Liked the sound and all. However, few days ago one of the tubes started producing scratching noise and it seems to get louder now. Switched the sides and the noise switched too. Volume pot doesnt affect it, its same with...
  13. MaZa

    X-Fi Elite Pro vs. cheap External DACs?

    Out of curiosity, how is the soundquality of Elite Pro versus some cheap DACs, like Fubar II? X-Fi Elite Pro has really good DAC built in, but amplification circuit (uses JRC4556A opamp) is not most ideal AFAIK. I think that is limiting factor in my system. Dual amplification with not-that great...
  14. MaZa

    Cheap amp for both Grado AND Beyers? Tubes perhaps, but what?

    So, I need a warm sounding amplifier that suits both highly efficient Grados and less efficient Beyers. Lunchbox would have been excellent choice price-wise, and perhaps even tonally, but it cannot handle Grados, or any current leeching headphones. Darkvoice could be another choice, but more...
  15. MaZa

    My impressions of Jays d-JAYS

    All right, I've had these for some while now and I have used these extensively. Waited 'till "new-toy syndrome" wore off and such. So... THESE ARE AWESOME!!! Not enough? Ok, I guess more details is in order. I do understand the comparison to Grados, as these headphones really do have nice...
  16. MaZa

    JJ or Tesla E88CC tubes for X-Cans V1?

    The subject. Which one is better for X-Cans, JJ or Tesla "military" tubes? Both should be great, but JJ is quite a bit cheaper. And how they alternate the sound in X-Cans? Whats the difference?
  17. MaZa

    Philips SBC-HP1000?

    In the meantime as i save for HD650, i gotta replace that K240S as my classical headphone, NOW! This philips HP1000 is said to be almost twinbrother of Senn HD595, with bit better soundstage, but cheaper. However, Philips has changed its naming patter of their headphones. SBC-HP1000 no longer...
  18. MaZa

    Amp for HD600, LittleDot II/II+ or Heed CanAmp?

    Ok, im going to get Sennheiser HD600 in close future, and Heed CanAmp has already caught my eye. I might even get one for loan from Finnish dealer when he gets stock. (though it isnt much help since i dont yet own HD600 yet.) However, im also really itching to hear some very good...
  19. MaZa

    DT990 '05 for classical and ambient?

    Allrighty then. Is Beyers new king DT990 '05 any good for classical? I mean, is the soundstage wide enough for both ambient and classical? Is the sound simply too colored for classical? Is the sub-bass extension deep enough for ambient? etc... See, in next christmas im probaply buying Heed...
  20. MaZa

    My short impressions from DT770M.

    Well, here it is finally. Sorry it took so long. My friend, a drummer, bought these a while ago and i was supposed to test them. Didnt have time 2 weeks ago, but now i listened them. Source wasnt really that good, AC97 integrated. However, other stuff was great. Some ProCasters good integrated...
  21. MaZa

    Most deepest bass in headphone?

    Im wondering, which headphone goes deepest in bass. I mean, to the infrasound (below 20hz.) what human ear cant hear? Probaply DT770, (man, that frequency graph is such a roller coaster!) but i noticed that many better headphones, including HD650 and DT990 05, starts dropping after 50hz or...
  22. MaZa

    HD555 good for classical?

    I can perhaps get a HD555 for decent price. Are these good for classical? How is the detail, and most of all, how is the soundstage? I already have K240S for classical stuff, and while sound is great their soundstage isnt really big IMHO. Simply put, how do these HD555 compare against K240S...
  23. MaZa

    Need new headphones much better than Sony MDR-CD280

    What kind of music you listen to? What kind of sound you are looking for? Neutral, warm and soothing, bright abd aggressive, ghettoblasterboombox?
  24. MaZa

    Looking for dark/"horror" classical/symphonic or ambient music

    I simply love dark, emotionally strong but spine shrillingly cold and grim music, epic and slow, overall haunting. Does anyone know good composers and or albums that contains this type of music? Anything from symphonic movie-scores...
  25. MaZa

    X-Fi elitepro OR X-Fi xtrememusic + amp + DAC

    Hey. Im going to upgrade from my crappy Audigy 2 value + yamaha prologic integratedamp to better quality source. I have Grado SR225, so my headphones are not exactly power hungry. Thats why im asking if i should get Soundblaster X-Fi Elite Pro which has a good DAC and overall components. IIRC...