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  1. ups767300

    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    When UPS delivers your JHs do they require a signature? I hope JH Audio asks for signature confirmation on such an expensive item. I have had UPS deliver to the wrong house in the past and they never try to fix the problem.
  2. ups767300

    The JH16 Pro: JH Audio Announces The JH Audio JH16 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitor

    Since my ear impressions just got there yesterday I am probably better off forgetting I purchased them for now. I'll just have a pleasant surprise when they finally ship
  3. ups767300

    Custom Earphone Durability

    My first pair of customs are on order but from reading the "user manual" it basically says to baby them so I think they would not take shocks well over time. I suppose it goes for all customs since they are all mostly built the same way.
  4. ups767300

    how did you ship your ear impressions?

    cool, sounds like the silicone material they are made of isint extremely fragile. Not as soft as clay or playdoh anyway.
  5. ups767300

    how did you ship your ear impressions?

    hi, I recently shipped my ear impressions by putting the small box they were given to me in into another slightly bigger box. The box given to me by the audiologist had a soft piece of foam inside it to restrict the movement of the ear impressions but they could still move a tiny bit if I shook...
  6. ups767300

    upgrading from triple fi 10 pro to ue10 or ue11

    Quote: Originally Posted by gameboy115 Don't get me wrong, I won't put my 700 buck at risk to a place I don't trust, even I know this site gains much more popularity now. To me, I rather spend to go for JH 13/ UE10 pro. Building a multi driver IEM takes a lot of fine tune work to do...
  7. ups767300

    upgrading from triple fi 10 pro to ue10 or ue11

    Thanks again for all of the replies. Just reading around on head-fi I ended up discovering jh audio. I now have my sights set on the jh-11 pro or jh-13 pro depending on how much the ipod,macbook, and triple fi 10 pros I listed on ebay sell for
  8. ups767300

    upgrading from triple fi 10 pro to ue10 or ue11

    thank you for the replies Converting my triple fi's sounds like a great idea. I found a website for UM but it is kind of difficult to navigate... uniquemelody is this the right website? Andrew
  9. ups767300

    upgrading from triple fi 10 pro to ue10 or ue11

    hey, hey guys I have been on the verge on pulling the trigger on a set of ue-10s or ue-11s. I currently have the triple fi 10 pros and enjoy them greatly but I find that I really enjoy them with about a 3db boost from 20hz-80hz. From what I have gathered upgrading to the ue-10s would get me...
  10. ups767300

    New MacBook sound quality? (late 2008 unobody)

    I think the headphone output sounds better than my old core 2 duo black macbook. With Triple fi 10 pros the new macbook pro sounds the same too me as my total bithead. This was not the case with the older macbook which sounded inferior compared to the bithead. The bithead isint exactly the best...
  11. ups767300

    Is this site legit? E4c's for 70 bucks...

    terrible security... wow.
  12. ups767300

    Left/Right Imbalance

    I have noticed the same but with IEMs, on my triple fi's the left side appears ever so slightly louder than the right. On most recordings it seems like I am standing slightly to the right of the band or vocalist if I were standing in front of them. On my Shure E4cs it is the opposite! Could it...
  13. ups767300

    Triple fi 10 pros broken!!!

    I just wanted to see if they could actually reproduce 10hz because thats what they are rated down too, and your right I took that little "problem" as a warning no more test tones on iems anymore. Im a home theatre nut so I have those tones laying around on a test cd. Should have thought twice...
  14. ups767300

    Have you ever been scared or other emotion while listening to music

    Modest mouse's song Dramamine gives me chills.
  15. ups767300

    shure e4cs worth amplifying?

    Hey, I just purchased a total bithead because I was tired of the sound quality of my laptop. (macbook) I have Shure E4cs and was wondering if these were worth amplifying, will they benefit at all from an amp? I figure the higher quality dac would make a difference atleast. I Hope its not like I...
  16. ups767300

    Death Cab For Cutie fans?

    kicking up an old thread but, "Brothers on a hotel bed" and E4cs, beautiful.