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  1. roker

    Garage sale Thorens 190 ... worth 50 bucks?

    He had no adapter for it so I have no idea if it works.   Looks good, missing a stylus.  Older version with the RCAs wired in.   Should I go back and roll the dice?   Price is not negotiable.   It wasn't his, selling it from random junk he picked up.
  2. roker

    40 oz to Freedom

    Man I never realized how horribly recorded this album was.  I'm tempted to buy some crappy headphones or use a crappy amp so I can enjoy this album again.   Anyone else feel the same?  There just seems to random bouts of distortion.  Maybe my rip is bad (I hope) or maybe it was just recorded...
  3. roker

    The CEntrance DACmini Unboxing thread (video)

    Totally ridiculous and unnecessary.  I bring to you my CEntrance DACmini unboxing video.  I usually say this is pointless but I find my self looking for them on youtube all the time. I noticed there were barely any CEntrance DACmini vids in general and thought I'd give it a stab.  Now I know it...
  4. roker

    M-Stage & MS II+ vs CEntrance Dacmini

    After weeks of indecision, I've narrowed it down to these two setups.     I like the flexibility of the Dacmini, but I also love what I hear about the M-Stage amp.   I'm interested in good bass extension and crystal clear highs (I'm more of a musical guy than a neutral person)  ...
  5. roker

    Fire Sale on Ultrasone?

    Maybe I haven't looked at their prices in a couple of years, but I've noticed they're a lot cheaper than they used to be.   Being the mega fan of Denon D2000s that I am, what can I expect from Ultrasone?   Are they dark?  Are they bright?  Are they fun?   I'm not a fan of neutrality...
  6. roker

    Fiio D3

    has anyone purchased this yet?     I've been curious for a while now on what to expect from a 30 dollar optical DAC.   They're being sold on MICCA right now (not sure if they are a sponsor, so google them)   Anyone willing to bite the bullet?  My NHT M-00s need love.
  7. roker

    Is there a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter that works with mic button headphones?

    I have a couple of headphones like this lying around yet I'm never able to use them with my big beefy amp unless I hold down the mic button the entire time.  Is there anyway to work around this?     I'd really like to hear how my Phonak IEMs sound with my LDI+.   thanks in advance.
  8. roker

    Best iPhone mic adapter?

    I have some Sennheiser HD25s on the way and I really want to keep the functionality of using a mic so I can accept phone calls without taking off my cans.  I simply need the one button setup.   I saw the Shure's for 40, but I was wondering if there were any other alternatives.   The...
  9. roker

    Are there any remote controlled DACs that don't cost an arm and leg?

    Seriously, DACs are already overpriced but add something ancient like a remote and the whole world explodes.   I just want something with a volume control and perhaps some different sources.
  10. roker

    Stevie Wonder fans, I need your help ...

    I have the definitive collection and the songs are beautiful, but I feel like there's better versions of these songs to be had   what are the best CD masters of his songs?   If I had a vinyl setup, I'd track down every last one of his records to hear these as they were meant to be heard.
  11. roker

    Koss Pro-4AA: Admiring from a distance ...

    I just wanted to say, these are some goofy looking headphones and I can't seem to take my eyes off them. If it weren't for the bad reviews (e.g. lack of bass), I probably would've picked up a pair. Has anyone tried to swap out the drivers from a better set (Denons, Beyerdynamic, etc.)...
  12. roker

    Multi-source selector with volume control, no amp

    Does a thing exist? My speakers are already powered, but I wouldn't mind having the ability to send sound to it from multiple sources (TV, videogames, ipod, etc.) thanks.
  13. roker

    I need a decent USB Dac ...

    I'm contemplating swapping out my DAC. I like the Keces, but I think I want something a bit more compact so I can reclaim my desktop space. The Pico USB Dac is out of the question as there is no digital volume control through USB. I'd like to be able to mess with the volume with my Macbook...
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  15. roker

    Can someone reterminate my IEMs?

    I have a set of nuforce Ne-7ms and the end is messed up. Music sounds fine but the mic and mic button seem to be suffering. Plus, I was never a fan of the curved plug. Can anyone here fix this or at least guide me in the direction of doing it myself?
  16. roker

    How important is soundstage?

    I've been a member here for a long time but I've only been aggressively active since March of this year, yet I still have no idea when or why soundstage is important. The two headphones I own: Denon D2000 and Grado SR125 are not known for their soundstage, but I like their sound like no...
  17. roker

    Besides Cambridge, are there any other CDPs that double as DACs?

    As the topic says. I can't seem to "google" this.
  18. roker

    Is the X-Can V3 discontinued indefinitely?

    I've been doing my research and this seemed like a really good fit . . . but . . . I can't find it anywhere! I take it that it's out of production, but will they be making a new version or is this line done?
  19. roker

    Where's a good site for computer SPEAKER audio?

    as opposed to headphones. as much as I love my cans (and I do) and as much as I want a set of Denon d2000, I think my preferred listening is my NHT M-00s and as such I wouldn't mind discussing this a bit more in a forum dedicated to computer audio and speakers. I'm still a somewhat lost...
  20. roker

    Need help with finding a new Dac in the 200 to 300 range . . .

    I'm in the market for a new dac and the only dac that's somewhat interesting to me so far is the V-Dac. I'm thinking new, my limit is 300 bucks. I'm not interested in the Compass or any other massively sized DAC. I'd like to keep it desktop size friendly (though if I somehow stumbled on the...
  21. roker

    I want a new pot for my Fubar III

    I don't necessarily hate it, but I prefer a tighter controling knob. Is it possible to do this? I just think it's a bit too loose for, this after coming from my nice NHT pot that seemed pinpoint perfect and tight (I knew I was going to miss it, but whatever, I wanted a streamlined setup)...
  22. roker

    So if the Grado 125i and 225i use the same driver . . .

    How can you guys justify the price difference? I'm not saying this to defend my purchase, but I got to audition the 60,80,125, and 225 and I noticed a dramatic difference when I went from 80 to 125, but from 125 to 225 it was hardly there. Just to be sure I wasn't crazy, I handed them over...
  23. roker

    Can anyone recommend some fairly priced desktop stands for my speakers?

    I have a setup that I'm very happy with that didn't cost me a fortune. Only problem is it's not setup to it's best potential. I need to buy a nice wooden desk and some decent desktop speaker stands. Ideally I think a 5' to 6' lift would be great, there was a nice looking one from wood...
  24. roker

    Is there a DIY project of the same quality as PS Audio xStream Power Punch Power Cables?

    I was looking to replace the power cords on my NHT M-00s. I looked into the punch cables, but it's going to cost me upwards of 120 bucks for two of them. I was hoping there's a cheaper alternative of the same quality. Can someone point me in the right direction?