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  1. DesmondDavidH

    Best portable iPod speaker-dock? Looking for something decent w/ battery

    Candidates, for now:   -Altec Lansing Can't say I'm a fan of the look, but the reviews are positive. url:   -Logitech i715i: ugly as hell, but seems has the best price-quality...
  2. DesmondDavidH

    Best portable iPod speaker-dock? Looking for something decent w/ battery

    Thanks for the reply. Bose is over budget, but Logitech seems ok -- it was already in my options -- but I'd like have some impressions here from HF about the sound quality, considering most of the review I find are not from audio enthusiast site. 
  3. DesmondDavidH

    Mid-size headphone for outdoor

    ~70€, mainly rock. I already have IEMs but I'm not confortable running with them.  
  4. DesmondDavidH

    Mid-size headphone for outdoor

    Hi, I'm looking for a mid-size headphone for *outdoor* use for my iPod classic or Shuffle. Grados or giant cans are out of question, I'm planning to use them while running.    Any suggestion?
  5. DesmondDavidH

    Alessandro Music Series MS1 FAN CLUB!

    Quote: Originally Posted by nickchen ..........but before we could sort things, they fell back into their regular email coma........ Lol at the email coma. Ok I'll keep waiting. I have no choices.
  6. DesmondDavidH

    Alessandro Music Series MS1 FAN CLUB!

    Two emails and 10 days and no replies from George. Is that normal? I desperately need a MS1 cause I'm listening throu a pair of 12€ TDK cans...
  7. DesmondDavidH

    New Cans: Alessandro MS1s

    Quote: Originally Posted by TimPrice you say MS1 are great, but compared with what? I cannot stand them cause their lack of headstage, soundstage, spacious sound or whatever you wanna say... Matter of taste. Alessandro/Grado are well know for other things. Anyway...
  8. DesmondDavidH

    Grado updates and info

    They are even uglier. Construction and materials are ridiculous for the low-mid line. They are anti-ergonomic, probably overrated and overpriced. And I'm about to buy my third pair.
  9. DesmondDavidH

    Alessandro MS-1, MS-2 Questions on usability

    They totally leak, at the point you should pay attention at the volume in the night if you don't wanna wake up the neighbors (no, this is not a joke). How much of the external world you can hear is probably just related to the volume. Are the two hphones big? It depends, the MS2 has quite a...
  10. DesmondDavidH

    Worth waiting for the SR80i ??

    Consider the fact that the new SR80i comes with the cheapo pads, not the bowls. That's a huge minus, IMO. Oh, and they are uglier. But that's irrilevant.
  11. DesmondDavidH

    Damaged MS2i cable, what can I do

    I just want a new cable on my MS2 without paying absurd moneys on it, cause it's Just a Cable. Anyway, talking of the driver housing: isn't just plastic, like the RS1/2? The alluminium cup chamber shouldn't have any component attached (except the plastic part with the transducer). Or not...
  12. DesmondDavidH

    Damaged MS2i cable, what can I do

    Quote: Originally Posted by Zorander I believe Qables is located in the EU and I am sure they offer Grado re-cables (I can't find it on their site but I know I have seen it before - can't forget those woodied beauties). Cheers! Qables is definitely out of my budget -_- tnx anyway.
  13. DesmondDavidH

    Damaged MS2i cable, what can I do

    Yep I thought about different options, like a DIY recable starting from scratch, or even buying a Grado cable (got a WTB thread open) and do the soldering myself (much better) but I'm very scared at the idea of heating the cups and ruin the housing. I'm waiting a reply from Grado, let's see...
  14. DesmondDavidH

    DIY headphone recable questions

    Uh.. I don't want to go off topic but is there a place somewhere in the EU to send a pair of MS2 for a recable that will not cost me an arm?
  15. DesmondDavidH

    Finally, clean audio!!!!

    Uh.. are you hearing a difference?
  16. DesmondDavidH

    Requesting advice: selecting good affordable headphones for mainly rock music

    Try the Alessandro MS1 (99$). Absolutely great for rock.
  17. DesmondDavidH

    Pinback - Autumn of the Seraphs

    I totally love Summer in Abbandon.
  18. DesmondDavidH

    Grado Identification

    There should be a label on the pizza box. Another indication are pads and the mini jack (I think it's just on the SR60). I think there's no other way to recognize a SR60->SR225 model.
  19. DesmondDavidH

    problem with audiotrak prodigy 7.1

    I never found any serious problem with my Prodigy 7.1 (latest driver here too) except the change in sampling speed sometimes when I have a lot of different sound sources with different sampling (nothing tragic). I don't play games too much, but I can tell you that with Battlefield 2...
  20. DesmondDavidH

    MS2i Vs MS1

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kernmac Although I've visited Headfi more times than I would like to admit, this is my first post. I currently use MS1's conected to a Muvo MP3 via a Porta Corda III headphone amp. I am extremely pleased with the sound (love my MS1). I have been considering...
  21. DesmondDavidH

    Battles (post-rock, post-everything)

    Yep, I'm a big of Don Caballero (attended a show just a couple of months ago... impressive). Can't say the same for Storm & Stress, too difficult for me. But Battles are incredible. Atlas is even a potential radio hit!
  22. DesmondDavidH

    looking for instrumental post-rock stuff

    slint, june of 44, shipping news, early day miners, paul newman, dianogah, seidenmatt, american football.
  23. DesmondDavidH

    Battles (post-rock, post-everything)

    If you're open to post-rock, experimental or simply just good music, watch this video. The band is called "battles", the album is "mirrored" and is leaked on the internet (is not probably out yet).
  24. DesmondDavidH

    Sr80, Sr60 and Ms-1, what to do?!

    The SR80 should be slightly better on the bass department AFAIK. Having tried both pads I can tell you that you're doing the right thing picking the "donuts".