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  1. Guppy_

    DAP to replace DX90

    Hi Head fi, my DX90 kicked the bucket, searched for another DAP with replaceable battery which are becoming increasingly rare. What DAP would you recommend that keep the DX90 sound signature (analytical)
  2. Guppy_

    DAPs with removeable battery

    My trusted DX90 usb connection has kicked the bucket. I can no longer get it to recognize on any pc. That + the fact that a 256 micro sd makes it horribly lag to the point of down right unusable has prompted a new DAP search. Been out of the loop for a while, what are the recommendation for...
  3. Guppy_

    Custom eartips for Etymotic ER4Pt

    After Getting some replies that re-shelling is a bad idea. Custom eartips is the way to go apparently. Has anyone used sensaphonics in the past? or any other vendor recommendations? Just found out etymotic has a custom eartip program as well, anyone have experience with them?
  4. Guppy_

    change background color

    Is there anyway to change the background color to a more darker one?
  5. Guppy_

    Oppo pm-3 replacement pads or alternative headphones

    So after the Pleather on my PM3s started peeling and cracking, though I love the sound, i'm sorely dissapointed on this, i've got generic headphones with leather pads that are over 10+ years and still going strong. I love the oppo sound, just having to pay $39 each time the pads give up, is just...
  6. Guppy_

    Pardon my ignorance, why does the iphones 6s have two Cirrus Logic Audio IC ?

    As per the iFixit teardown: Apple/Cirrus Logic 338S00105 Audio IC Apple/Cirrus Logic 338S1285 Audio IC And more specifically, how does this translate to sound quality?
  7. Guppy_

    Looking for a DAP to replace smartphone

    So based on  cel4145   My DAP history:   Creative zen vision:m  (Still works, though borked usb connector won't allow me to put new music into it) iPhone 3Gs Creative Zen...
  8. Guppy_

    Ety 3 flange replacement for ER 4PT's

    So i've just busted my second pair of 3 flange tips (large) that came in box with my pair of Etymotic ER4PT's.  I've googled and found they sell replacement on amazon and in their own webpage:  ...
  9. Guppy_

    HTC One

    According to  the HTC one has equal or better SQ than iPhone 4/4s which is what i've used as portable source, can't wait till someone here get's it and we get a decent audiophile review for it.    
  10. Guppy_

    Cmoy Question.

    So lately i've been using a nokia e63 as my backup source, It has a HORRIBLE hiss with my RE2s. Would a cmoy like that one eliminate the hiss?
  11. Guppy_

    RE2. Round 2 and Head Direct Support

    Just thought I'd make another head direct appreciation thread. About a 3 weeks ago my right earphone stopped working. So I contacted head direct support (aka Fang Bian). He said just send them so I did. I asked if I could get cross-shipping, he politely said no All in all in 3 weeks time I...