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  1. weendex

    JH13 worth the money with only iphone?

    A lot of headphone plugs didn't fit into the FIRST generation iphone because it was recessed. Pretty bad design flaw. They fixed it on the 3G/3GS. Of course, some cases will cause issues too on any iphone.
  2. weendex

    NY Area Fall Meet, Nov 14, 2009, Harrison NY - It's Official!

    I would love to attend this event! No worthwhile gear to mention, unfortunately.
  3. weendex

    REVIEW: WESTONE 3, the ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL IEM vs everything else

    I'm about 5 days into my W3 experience. Still not entirely happy with the highs. They are very accurate, smooth, and a pleasure to listen to. Very wide sound. However I have to boost the treble with EQ and unfortunately the iphone eq destroys the music. Tip fit was a problem, I find the...
  4. weendex

    My friend thinks his Bose In-Ear are the best headphones EVER

    Quote: Originally Posted by lnvisible and only wishes to stay with his In-Ears, which he consistently believes is the best out there. Sounds like he spent his own money and is very happy with his purchase! You should be happy for him.
  5. weendex

    NY-Long Island Mini Meet -Sept 12

    I'm pretty much a head-fi newbie, but I would love the chance to get introduced to some of the higher end stuff I only get to read about on here. Let me know if you've got room for someone who can't contribute anything but awe! For the record, I'm an acoustics & A/V engineer professionally...
  6. weendex

    FPS gamer in search of headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by robertclarke I prefer a desktop mic so I'm indifferent to my headphones having/not having one. ...I keep hearing about the AD700s, someone even mentioned them at the forums. I'm back to being indecisive :P Now I feel sorry for your...
  7. weendex

    FPS gamer in search of headphones

    I assume you want a built in mic on the headset? That's pretty critical, for both you and for those who are trying to listen to you. The Steelseries 5H I have has pretty terrible freq response for music. Music is almost unbearable on them. However the way they are tuned works pretty well for...
  8. weendex

    Cheap/Budget IEMs

    I think it took about a two or three weeks before I stopped being upset with my replacement Air Cushions the last time I had to get new ones. Assuming probably 1-3 hours a day typical usage for me, it was at least 35-50 hours for a decent burn-in. This was sometime last year before I learned...
  9. weendex

    What are your top 3 tracks for demoing headphones?

    -A Perfect Circle's "The Hollow"... I've been using this is as my standard track for a very long time, going back about 10 years to when I was building custom stereos in my parent's basement and decking out the stereo in my VW Golf (tastefully!). -Mussorgsky's "Hut of Baba Yaga" (from...
  10. weendex

    Can an eye glass lens cleaner be for camara?

    I use a microfiber cloth to wipe my lenses. Mine is attached to a little stretchy pouch that you shove it into when not in use, so it keeps the cloth clean from dust and stuff. As well, if you have expensive glass, get a decent UV filter on it and never take it off... then you can stop...
  11. weendex

    The Best double albums

    definitely Mellon Collie and the White Album up at the top. Do triple albums count? Canadian rockstar Joel Plaskett just released an amazing triple album called "Three". 33 songs, with a common theme of threes.
  12. weendex

    A question on iphone

    Yes, you can do this. I have done it before with an unlocked iPhone first gen. It HAS to be unlocked. Also it will be pretty crippled (no visual voicemail).
  13. weendex

    Fake Alert: Sennheiser IE7

    Quote: Originally Posted by Judge Buff I really think that weendex and I bought fakes from the same vendor off of eBay. I can't confirm this because he hasn't answered a pm. Mine had the same accessory list as well as muddy bass, thin/tinny mids and no treble to speak of. I only paid...
  14. weendex

    REVIEW: WESTONE 3, the ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL IEM vs everything else

    I've begun my W3 adventure. Day 1 thoughts: On the first listen I was taken aback... not in a good way. I just dropped $300+ and was expecting to be blown away right away. Where was the high end? And the mid's were kinda gross. This was with the medium silicon single flange tips, which I...
  15. weendex

    Cheap/Budget IEMs

    For under $30 you really can't go wrong with the JVC air cushions. While the sound quality is very reasonable for the price, what I really like about them is the design. The air cushion is very comfortable, eliminates most cable noise, and puts the weight on your ear instead of the canal...
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