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  1. timb5881

    Tell me about Tungsram and other eastern block countries vacuum tubes.

    I have a ton of Ei tubes, and for the most part I like them. I have some Tesla labeled tubes (plus the JJ versions). Any way I have yet to hear a Tungsram or RFT tubes. So what are the opinions on the various former communist vacuum tubes?
  2. timb5881

    Stax SRM-1/MK2 hum question

    I purchased a SRM-1/MK2 that has one socket modded for pro bias. After nit is on for 5-10 minutes I get a hum in the left channel, The pro bias side is louder than the normal bias. It looks to me that all the electrolytic caps have been updated. So any ideas as to what may be causing the...
  3. timb5881

    Your mission Shiit, to make a universal transformer for electrostatic Headphones

    If you decide to accept this challenge you need to: Make it affordable Able to hook up to most power amps, like your 3 power amps Able to be used with most electrostatic such as Stax, Koss, Sennhieser, and others Multiple bias selections for both the Stax, Koss, etc Perhaps...
  4. timb5881

    Koss ESP Electrostatic headphones, a bit of history and clarification questions

    I have the latest ESP-950 headphones and I do enjoy them a lot. I have had them since about 1993 when they first came out. What I would like to find out is about the previous versions. I have read about and seen ESP-6, ESP-7,ESP-9 (and B), and ESP-10 headphone systems. I know they all have...
  5. timb5881

    Equalizers: Digital or external which have you tried.

    Eq used to be a nasty word for audiophiles back in the day. My first stereo I bought back in the mid 70's, I added a passive Radio Shack on, and from memory, I thought it sucked, caused all kinds of phase shifts. As of late, the Schiit Loki Mini seems to be a big sensation in the Headphone...
  6. timb5881

    Transformer output with tapps for headphones?

    Just curious if such a beast exist. A headphone with multiple tap's of a transformer would indeed be a nice item. Tap's such as 16, 32, 64, 150, 300 and 600 ohm from a transformer coupled amp could be interesting. Speaker power tube (and McIntosh SS) amps have 4, 8 and 16 ohm tap's so why not...
  7. timb5881

    For those of us with multiple headphones, which ones are you listening with now?

    I am using my Koss PortaPro's right now.
  8. timb5881

    With all the talk of multi-bit DAC's, were there any mult-bit portable cd players?

    I am guessing there had to be some produced i the 80's and 90's. Of the portable cd player's I owned, I seem to recall they were all single bit delta sigma players.
  9. timb5881

    Monoprice MP30 IEM good sound great price!

    I received these yesterday and have been letting them burn in a bit. So far the sound with the bass tuning ports, they sound good on my ipod classic 160. As of yet, I have not tried the normal tuning ports, but I will keep everyone informed of what I found.
  10. timb5881

    USB DAC mod help

    Hello I have a USB Cyberdrive Feather Clarity dac. It is a nice sounding dac, but the connection part of the USB seems to be failing. So what I would like to know, is if I disassemble the casing and solder a USB cable leads to the data input, can I use an external USB power source that...
  11. timb5881

    Goodwill find closed back foldable on ear headphones

    It has no markings other than l and r on each respective ear cup and a silver metal tag on the right ear cup that's is: MID#0790813. The same tag is on the left, but nothing in it. It has a nice tight mesh headband cover, and what feels like a cloth cable. No gold tips and no microphone. It...
  12. timb5881

    Does Koss only have 2 dynamic full size driver?

    With the exception of the ESP-950, does koss only have 2 types of drivers? The one in the PortaPro and the one in the KSC75. And those may be the same drivers except for the titanium coating on the one. I suspect all the full size cans have one of these 2 drivers in them. Am I wrong for...
  13. timb5881

    Stax SRS-002 vs Audeze iSine10/20

    Well I know the Audeze iSine iem's have not out for very long, but begs to b asked, how do SRS-002 compare with iSine? They both are large by iem standards. What little I have read on the iSine seems to point that the Audeze are better than the Stax. The Stax comes with a small battery...
  14. timb5881

    Sandisk Ixpand and connect with Apple for hi Rez music?

    Ok, so Sandisk and a few others offer USB flash drives for iOS devices. Now there is the Apple lightning to USB 3 cable to go along with them. So does any one know if the the Ixpand or connect will handle hi Rez? The Ixpand list Flac as being supported. So f I use the lightning to USB 3 cable ...
  15. timb5881

    Here is an interesting device QA-550 wav player

    It uses sd cards, has a digital only out put (with the potential for I2S). Could be a nice high quality portable unit to use with a portable dac .
  16. timb5881

    It begs to be asked! V-DAC or DACMAGIC?

    With the discussion on each of these dac's going into triple digit posts, has anyone compared them? I have been waiting, trying to decide as to which one to buy. If I had the money, I would buy both and do a side by side comparison. For the last several years I have been using an Adcom GFD 600...
  17. timb5881

    Besides CF cards, what is the largest memory device I can use with a mini?

    I know that people have succesfully used CF cards up to 32 GB i Ipod mini's. Are there any HDD that would fit in the mini that would have more storage?
  18. timb5881

    Will there be a portable digital out for Ipod?

    Since the introduction of the Wadia i170, I am very hopeful some one will introduce a portable version of the digital out. The Wadia certainly is nice for the home stereo set up, and I am thinking of getting one. What I really would like is a portable version, maybe built into a DAC or Amp/DAC...
  19. timb5881

    Anyone try one of those micro laptops as a source?

    My wife has an Asus EEE PC 900, a 8" screen 16 MB SSD laptop, or should I say palm top computer. I am thinking of trying it as a portable source , both with and with out a USB DAC. Any on e else try one as a source? There is also the Everex brand and a few others that are micro size.
  20. timb5881

    Is there a DAP that is good enough for electrostatic headphones (Stax in ear portables)?

    Any one using a DAP with the SR-001 MKII Stax headphones? Which DAP's may be good enough to use with the Stax? Tim
  21. timb5881

    Ok portable experts, touch and classic fans!

    Here is what I have narrowed it down to, a Classic 80 Gb or a Touch G1 16 mB. What I need to help me decide is, How long will the Touch run using wifi only, can it multi task, ie can I play music while browsing the web on wifi? How good is it for on the go web browsing? These are the 3 big...
  22. timb5881

    As about everyone seems to me decide!

    Here is what I have currently Colby 20gB HD MP3 player Koss- KST-75, PortaPro and ESP950 headphones Grado SR-60 Several Sony and Radio Shack lesser model headphones. CMOY pocket amp Creek headphone amp Home I have SACD players, Linn LP12, Oracle Delphi etc. What I am thinking of...
  23. timb5881

    SR60 Grado repair?

    My Grado SR60 headphones finally bit the dust after an ausive 14 years of use. One channel has stoped working (left). Does anyone know how to disassemble the ear pieces? I suspect it is simply a wire issue, so I was thinking of rewiring them. Tim
  24. timb5881

    If you could design an ultimate DAP...

    What would you like it to be like? I think I would like it to be solid state drive, at least 100Gb memory, a line and digital out, of course an audiophile grade amp. I also would alow it to have an external battery back in addition to the rechargable built in one, for more current and longer...
  25. timb5881

    Whats your Favorite encoder?

    So far I have been more drawn to the LAME mp3 encoder, but I have recently been experimenting with the OGG one as well.