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  1. GotNoRice

    Why use a streamer and not an old PC?

    I've wondered this also. I use my main/gaming computer for headphone listening, I have a dedicated older computer for my main music stereo, and yet another dedicated PC for my home theater. I've never seen the appeal of buying a dedicated disposable device to replace what I can already do...
  2. GotNoRice

    DT990-Pro Non-Stock pads

    I've had my DT990-Pro 250ohm headphones for 10+ years and in that time I've replaced the pads 2-3 times. They are now flat as a pancake again and so I want to replace the pads again. Unfortunately the price seems to have gone up quite a bit. I paid ~$30 for the pads last time I bought them...
  3. GotNoRice

    Review by 'GotNoRice' on item 'Maverick Audio TubeMagic D2 DAC'

    I've had the Maverick Audio TubeMagic D2 DAC for a while and I've been going back and forth between using LM4562 Opamps and the OPA627 Opamps that came pre-upgraded with this unit (each two single OPA627 OpAmps on an adapter board to create a dual opamp). Each had it's pros and cons but neither...
  4. GotNoRice

    PC as a CD transport ?

    Yes it's possible and should work easily. Every operating system in the last 20+ years has built-in software that can play a CD, but you can use whatever program you want.
  5. GotNoRice

    Review by 'GotNoRice' on item 'Burson Audio Supreme Sound Opamp V6 Vivid and Classic'

    History: A while back, when deciding which Opamp to use in my Little-Dot I+ Headphone amplifier, I had narrowed down my favorite opamps to the LM4562 (dual opamp) and the OPA627 (two single OPA627 opamps on an adapter board). The LM4562 had a texture to the sound that I enjoyed, but was also...
  6. GotNoRice

    New Head-Fi Update

    The first time I tried to log-in, it gave me some error saying my account had been locked due to login attempts - even though it was the first time I tried to log-in and I know for a fact that I was using the correct password. On the 2nd attempt, it let me log-in fine, so I guess my account...
  7. GotNoRice

    Creative X-Fi Titanium HD and Windows 10

    I have been having this one extremely annoying issue with drivers for my soundcard and Windows 10.   I have an X-Fi Titanium HD soundcard, which has a fantastic DAC onboard, and that is why I continue to use it.  Creative was on top of their driver support, and released a Windows 10 driver for...
  8. GotNoRice

    DT990 Pro Impressions Thread

      You might check out the DT770 Pro.
  9. GotNoRice

    X-Fi Titanium HD vs ODAC

    The X-Fi Titanium HD has a pretty amazing DAC onboard.  I have tried a number of others and always come back to it.  The main issue is the card being inside the computer, makes it more susceptible to background noise, electrical interference, etc.  That doesn't mean that will always the case...
  10. GotNoRice

    Moving beyond the DT990 Pro 250ohm

    Quote:   Yeah I know there are some things with speakers that you just can't replicate with headphones.  I love bass were you can feel it in your chest like a jackhammer and where you feel like all the clothes on your body are floating.  Hard to do that with headphones :(  The DT990's were...
  11. GotNoRice

    are these Sony MDR-V6 fake? with pics

    Did you check this thread yourself to see which they more closely resemble?   Personally, I see a few red flags.   Legit MDR-V6 headphones that are made in China will say "Made in China", as Sony does actually...
  12. GotNoRice

    X-FI Titanium HD - do I need a dedicated amp?

    I am a very happy X-Fi Titanium HD owner, but I have the analog outputs currently running directly into my Yamaha Preamp, which also doubles as my headphone amp.  The times when I've had my computer at a LANparty, etc and had to plug directly into the card to power my headphones, I was less than...
  13. GotNoRice

    X-fi Titanium HD 0db Volume Level

    I have always run my Titanium HD at 100% Volume when playing music.  When I first got it, I did extensive back and forth comparisons with my EMU 0404.  Both the EMU 0404 and the Titanium HD had identical output levels during testing, with both at 100% volume.  If 100% was +16dB on the Titanium...
  14. GotNoRice

    Beyerdynamic DT 990 - 250 ohm or 250 ohm PRO?

    The pro is cheaper, and has more clamping force.  The clamping force results in more bass in most situations.
  15. GotNoRice

    DT770-Pro/80 can't keep up with DT990-Pro/250 - Why?

    I have these two Beyer headphones and they give me vastly different listening experiences. I always thought the DT770-Pro/80's were supposed to be the bass monsters of the series, but they simply are not able to perform at the level of the DT990 in my testing. The DT770s seem to have more...
  16. GotNoRice

    Headphone amp or dedicated sound card?

    No a Preamp and a DAC are not the same. A DAC serves only one simple purpose, to convert a digital signal into analog. Some also have a built-in headphone amp and volume control, etc, but those functions have nothing to do with it's purpose as a DAC. A Preamp generally has a volume control...
  17. GotNoRice

    Will DT990s be ruined by GPU fans?

    I used to run 2x 4870x2 in quad crossfire up until last year.  At 100% fan, it was extremely loud.  I never found it to be an issue.   But then again half the time I can't even hear my own phone ring when i'm listening to music.  Do you like to listen at really quiet volumes?
  18. GotNoRice

    Sony MDR-V6 Counterfeit comparison thread w/ Pics

    I have updated the pictures in the first post to work again.
  19. GotNoRice

    DT770 vs DT990 Pads

    My gear is all listed in my signature. The X-Fi Titanium runs it's digital output into the 0404, which basically functions like a DAC. The analog output from the 0404 runs into my Yamaha C-80 preamp (1984) which is what I generally use to listen to my headphones these days. Can anyone confirm...
  20. GotNoRice

    DT770 vs DT990 Pads

    Everything is relative. While both the DT770 and DT990 have recessed mid-range, the DT990 mid-range is less recessed than the DT770. Coming back to the DT770 after using the DT990 it's generally the treble that I now find overwhelming.
  21. GotNoRice

    DT770 vs DT990 Pads

    I want to know what the difference is between these two types of pads. A bit of backstory from me: I own both a DT770/Pro-80 and a DT990/Pro-250. I had the DT770 for a few years before I got the DT990. When I first got the DT990 I was not impressed. I didn't feel the bass was as good as my...
  22. GotNoRice

    Titanium HD vs EMU 0404 PCI.

    I've had an EMU 0404 since 2005 or so.  There are two PCB models for this card, 8850, and 8852.  I have 8852.  This card also used two different yet similar DACs, the AKM4395, and AKM4396.  Mine has the AKM4395.   I currently have the 0404 installed in my file server.  I use an X-Fi Titanium...
  23. GotNoRice

    Little Dot MK II

    EF92 is just a type, each brand of tube will often have it's own sonic characteristics. Which brand are your EF92 tubes?