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    RE272 review and comparisons to ER-4P, HD650, ATH-CK10, IE8

        Disclaimer: I've got my RE272 as a review sample for free.     Conclusion first: RE272 is the best IEM I tried.   Tried, in order of preference (not just SQ): RE262, RE252, RE0, ER-4P/S, MTPC, E500 (SE535), CK10, SA6, RE-Zero, ER-6i, E4c (wow, this is ancient!), UM2, some...
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    I see no my reviews.

    In my sig are placed links to my reviews. They are not working anymore. Are they lost / deleted? Is it possible to recover them?
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    RE252 takes the best from ER-4S and RE0

    RE252 takes the best from ER-4S and RE0 Once I wrote an extensive review of Head-Direct RE0 earphones, made in a form of comparison to Etymotic ER-4P/S and Shure E500 (same to SE530). At the end of the reviewing process, I struggled choosing between RE0 and my beloved ER-4P/S. Finally, I...
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    BLOX TM5 - top earbud, competing with PK1 and OK1

    BLOX TM5 - top earbud, competing with PK1 and OK1 Like with my other reviews, I would start from the end, so conclusions first: TM5 is the most efficient among the best earbuds and the best among the most efficient. It is on par with Yuin PK1 and OK1 in terms of SQ, but plays better...
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    AKG K319 beats PK2

    *** You may see other good earbuds in my Earbuds buyers guide. AKG K319 earbud review Conclusion and rating For $60 here in Russia, this earbud is a steal, because it sounds better than Yuin PK2 ($80) and almost as good as OK2 ($129). K319 yields only to PK1 ($160) in terms of...
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    Supermicro powered with 3.7 V ?

    I love my portable combo which consists of 3 old while excellent devices: - iPod Mini 32 Gb CF modded (DYI mod is upcoming) - Supermicro IV 4/11 - ER-4S with custom tips I want to integrate amp with player. So I am interested to power it by player battery, which is 3.7 V. Does anybody know...
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    RE0 rivals ER-4S, beats E500 and ER-4P

    RE0 rivals ER-4S, beats E500 and ER-4P RE0 is a new canalphone which tops lineup of canalphones. It is priced $169 on Jan 8, 2009 and aimed to compete with top dynamic earphones as well as with mid-level balanced armature earphones. Fang from Head-direct suggested me to review...
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    Happy birthday, Skylab!

    I like to say happy birthday to one of the most well known, respectable and competent Head-fier. Happy birthday, Skylab! Many thanks for your generousity in sharing your enormous knowledge. Guys, there are still a lot of kind words left. Join these greetings.
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    Earbud buyer's guide, feat. TM5, OK1, PK1, ATH-CM700, OK2, K319, OK3, PK3, PK2

    *** This guide was significantly revised and updated (OK3 and PK3 added) on May 1, 2010. If you read it before, I recommend to re-read it. Top earbuds buyers guide This is a buyers guide showing general directions rather than extensive review or comparison. There are a lot of comprehensive...
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    Single UE10 (UE11) or pair of complimentary IEMs (ER-4S + something else) ?

    I like my ER-4S very much. It sounds very nice with custom molds. I prefer it to Shure E500, Westone UM2, Sleek-Audio SA6. I am thinking to improve it further with APS Ety cable. But I do not like it for portable use. So I am complimenting it with Shire E500, which suites portable needs...
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    How to auto-fill Sansa Clip (a la Shuffle)

    Recently I update my ultraportable rig, replacing iPod Shuffle with Sansa Clip 4 Gb. Clip has better SQ and more power for Yuin PK1. But I miss Shuffle auto-fill feature. When you connect Shuffle to iTunes you may ask iTunes to create a mix to fill the Shuffle memory. Does anybody know the...
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    Yuin OK1 - review and comparisons.

    *** You may see other good earbuds in my Earbuds buyers guide. Introduction Thanks to Fang, who sent me the OK1 and OK2 samples for review. Sorry, I've not reviewed OK2 yet. Upside-down review: I start from pics, conclusions and preliminary reports (which may be updated later)...
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    MX75 foams - recommended for PK1, PK2 and other earbuds

    Many of us here use PK1, PK2, ATH-CM700 or some other good earbuds. The earbuds sound and comfort are very dependable on the foams used. I found a very nice set of cushions for Sennheiser MX75 available at Sennheiser USA online store. Set include 4 grey foams with smaller pores than those of...
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    $700 tube amp for D2000 / HD650

    I'm going to built my rig around Pico first, which I will replace wiith Stello DA100 later. I am really tired reading accross the forum, so please (please, please...) advice. I want $700 or less tube amp, which will match my gear and also work as a preamp. My primary cans areHD650 stock...
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    Laptop DACs - Pico vs D1 vs Indigo

    I have Echo Indigo DJ which is built around AK4393 DAC. I consider to upgrade it either to Pico (based on WM8740) or Ibasso D1 (based on CS4398). Is it worthless to upgrade Echo Indigo DJ to Pico or Ibasso D1? I am looking for SQ alone, convenience and amp section does not matter. I...
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    Darkvoice or Cayin for HP/spk rig?

    I am awaiting for the Pico to built complete headphone + speakers rig around it. My headphones are:Senn HD650 for classic rock, jazz, vocal, acoustic Denon D2000 for pop, hard rock, trance Beyer DT770/80 for rap, movies, ambient Sony MDR-F1 for new age, easy listening, chill-out, relaxed music...