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  1. audioqueso

    IEM comparable to Sennheiser MX-880 earbuds

    What are some IEMs that are comparable in sound with Sennheiser's MX880 earbuds?   I had listened to some MX980 and MX880 a while back while searching for the best earbuds for me, but decided on the MX880 because the MX980 were too big for me. I purchased the MX880, but ended up returning...
  2. audioqueso

    Headstage USB Cable Dac - Is it worth even taking a look compared to uDac?

    Sorry, this is not a "which dac" thread. I just need some quick replies.   Office setup. Windows 7 / J River Music Jukebox / FLAC Laptop -> usb cable -> Nuforce uDac original -> PC speakers   Soeaker: I bought a pair of Klipsch Promedia Ultra 2.0 from ebay.  Picked up for $45...
  3. audioqueso

    Amp without volume knob

    Is there any amp without a volume control? I have a UMC-1 processor. It has no headphone out. I want to have a headphone amp hooked up to a pre-out so that I can use headphones. I want to be able to use the pre's remote to control the volume of the headphone out. So is there a headphone...
  4. audioqueso

    Short Sennheiser PX-100 II review

    I've owned the PX-100 for the past 7-8 years. I've own two pairs. First one was lost, so I bought another pair. The second pair I lost... again. My choices were to buy another PX-100 or the new PX-100 II. I went with the newer PX-100 II for two reasons. 1) I've own the PX-100 for so long that I...
  5. audioqueso

    iBasso D2 Boa - First Impression and Questions

    Day 1: Just received my D2 on Friday. I tried it out with Yuin PK3, Sennheiser PX100, and Audio-Technica A500. Very first impression, I'm not too impressed. Build quality is great. Sound quality was... I'm not sure. Bass was a bit more defined and a bit tighter. That's about it. Day 2...
  6. audioqueso

    Audio Technica A500 + Panasonic SL-230 CD player: What should I upgrade?

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to chime in and get some suggestions. I have my Audio Technica ATH-A500's that I love. I always used them with my Marantz CD player, but by chance realized that my really old Panasonic CD player actually sounds really good. The only thing is that some vocals sound a bit...
  7. audioqueso

    Which headphones as a gift under $60?

    The gift is for a person who is not all into audio gear, but appreciates good sound quality. Mainly use their existing headphones to listening to mp3's through their regular Dell computer. Prefers closed/sealed. Music preference included hip-hop, country, balads, soft rock, and some modern rock...
  8. audioqueso

    Sony MDR-Q55SL vs Koss KSC50

    Wife just bought me the Sony MDR-Q55SL as a Valentine's treat. Just something for the gym. They're ok. They're very comfortable. But they leak entirely too much noise so that everyone can hear. I never really heard of the Sony MDR-Q55SL as much as the Koss' KSC50. She asked if I wanted to...
  9. audioqueso

    Sennheiser HD280 vs Sony MDR-V6 (MDR-7506)

    I've been looking for new sealed/closed headphones, and I've come down to these two. Sound quality wise, any suggestions and why? Note: I'm looking for a closed headphone that will sound like as smooth and clear as my Sennheiser HD-570. Thank you.