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  1. hell0un1verse

    How to make a case without tools?

    Hi there, I just finished circuitry part of an M^3 with STEPS, now this naked babe is happily singing I wonder how I can make a case for it without tools(ie, drill and bits), I have spent quite a lot of money for this project, no budget left for casing tools. Does Hammond/Par-Metal provide...
  2. hell0un1verse

    DC power cord polarity

    Hi there, I am assembling this DC power supply cord(DigiKey part number: CP-2184) to STEPS board, but I am not sure which wire goes to VOUT and which to GND, can anybody kindly help? Thanks in advance!
  3. hell0un1verse

    What amp kits are available currently?

    Hi there, I am wondering what headphone amp DIY kits are currently available? I am now considering to DIY an amp out of kit instead of buying an assembled product. Specifically I have two criteria of selection for the kit, 1) It is better that the kit comes with case, 2)Proven synergy with K701...
  4. hell0un1verse

    Does anybody know B&H's price for K701?

    Hi, I am looking around for K701-in-stock sellers, B&H seems to be one, but they don't publish selling price online, not even via emailing coupon. I am wondering if anybody has called them for price? It would be great if anybody can let me know, thanks
  5. hell0un1verse

    Newbie question about amp choice for AKG K701

    Hi there, I am new to this forum, I am going to purchse an AKG K701, could anybody offer me some suggestions on which amp to choose? Currently I am looking at Creek Audio OBH-11, any opinion on this specific amp? Thanks in advance.