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  1. krismusic

    iPhone dongle

    So if I listen to an iPhone 7 onwards there will be no difference in sound between different iterations because I am listening to a DAC in the dongle?
  2. krismusic

    Tidal download queue.

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum to ask this in. Can anyone tell me where I can see the download queue in Tidal on IOS? Seems to have disappeared in the most recent version.
  3. krismusic

    Interactions on the forum

    Is it just me or is it harder to interact and feel part of a community on here these days? I will take as read a substantial number of replies saying it is just me! ;)
  4. krismusic

    Seriously considering selling CD collection.

    Having not played a CD since joining Spotify several years ago and now Tidal, I am thinking of finally selling my CD collection of about 600 discs. Has anyone else done this and regretted it. Or not?
  5. krismusic

    IPhone 7 SQ?

    Strangely I can find nothing on here about the SQ of the iPhone 7. Can anyone point me to a thread? I did find a thread complaining of interference with external DAC's. Does this mean that the problems of the 6S are carried over to the 7?
  6. krismusic

    Portable DAP for Tidal

    There seems to be limited options for DAP's that play Tidal or similar. Is this an area that is about to unfold? Surely streaming is the future for a lot of audiophiles?
  7. krismusic

    IPhone 6S measurements

    With all the talk about issues with clicks on the 6S ( which mine doesn't seem to suffer from) I have kind of lost track. What is the consensus on the performance of the 6S as an audio player? Does it still measure up well against high end DAP's?
  8. krismusic

    Tidal vs Spotify

    Is it logical that I reckon that I hear a difference in SQ between Spotify and Tidal? Spotify Premium claims to be 320 Kbps. I cannot appreciate the difference between 320 and lossless. It seems to me that it is possible that Spotify is streaming at a lower bitrate than they claim. Anyone...
  9. krismusic

    Measuring output of IEM's

    Does anyone know of a way of measuring how many dB I am listening to through my IEM's?
  10. krismusic


    Well. Here's irony. I just ordered myself an expensive pair of CIEMS just as my Tinnitus seems to be getting worse. :( It used to be that I only heard it in a quiet room. I now hear it in a noisy room and even when listening to music, in quieter passages. I always said that by the time you can...
  11. krismusic

    Expectation bias and auditioning.

    I am off to hear some £1k CIEM's tomorrow. It is a very powerful thing psychologically to be told that I am listening to something very expensive. Any tips to hear what they really sound like rather than what my vivid imagination hears?
  12. krismusic

    ACS Custom Sleeves Discontinued

    Just a heads up. ACS are discontinuing their sleeves for all but Emyotic which will still be available. Even if they have your impressions on file January is the deadline for all other brands.
  13. krismusic

    Balance control on iPhone 5S

    Does anyone else find the balance control on the 5S poor? Moving the slider just slightly off center seems to rob the music of its energy.
  14. krismusic

    Channel imbalance.

    I thought there was something wrong with my 'phones at first but all the pairs I own have the same skew to the left. I think it is hearing loss in my right ear. So I tried to compensate using the balance control on my 5S. The problem is that even making the smallest adjustment toward the right...
  15. krismusic

    Amp advice.

    This may be an abuse of what the SS forum is for. It is also a bit much to ask. But. Could anyone give me any insight into these three amps based on the specs?
  16. krismusic

    Who got headphones?

    I posted this in portable where I tend to post more but I hope it's OK to ask here as well. Who got headphones for Christmas and what did you get? Doesn't really count if they were a present to yourself but post anyway. Very happy holidays to all. :)
  17. krismusic

    Who got headphones?

    Ok. So who got headphones for Christmas and what did you get? Doesn't really count if you bought them yourself but post anyway. Very Happy Christmas to all.
  18. krismusic

    Lightning LOD

    Hi. Apple sell a lightning to 30pin adaptor with 200mm cable I. Between the connectors. Would it be possible to cut the 30pin off and add a 3.5 mm jack instead to get LO to my amp?
  19. krismusic

    Lightning LOD?

    It seems a huge shame that no one has bought out a Lightning to 3.5mm LOD. A missed opportunity for a nice minimalist LOD. Another thing, I gather that the Apple Lightning connector contains a DAC. Headphone out must go through an internal DAC . Can someone explain to me why the connector DAC...
  20. krismusic

    Anyone heard the Musical Fidelity MF100's yet?

    As title really. I cannot find any reviews. I know it's early days .
  21. krismusic

    Headphone comfort

    I went to the London meet today,which was a great success. I got to listen to many great sounding headphones. Currently I only own IEM's as I have always been sceptical that I would find enclosing my ears comfortable. This was confirmed today. Much as I loved the sound I felt relieved whenever I...
  22. krismusic

    IEM's and ear problems

    Here's a weird one. You will probably think I am weird but my ears have been really uncomfortable for a couple of weeks now. They feel unnaturally stiff. I wonder if it is anything to do with wearing custom tips that I had made recently. Anyone else had similar?
  23. krismusic

    Real sound quality. in The Arctic Circle.

    If I have done this correctly you should be able to see two images I took today. I am not on my computer and I am not sure how to upload from here. Here is a ship in The Arctic Circle which is pretty amazing in itself! Anyway, We got off the ship today and visited a cathedral in a remote part...
  24. krismusic

    CD player to dock? Would this work???

    Hi, I would like to connect a CD player without opitcal out to a Sonos Playbar. ( the Playbar only has optical in). I have a wireless dock that connects to the Playbar. Could I use a LOD to connect the CDP? 3.5 jack to CDP, Dock connector to dock. If this will work I would like to make my own...
  25. krismusic

    Musical Fidelity EB-50

    Wow! When I first got these IEM's I was a bit disappointed. I had a lot of trouble getting a seal and ended up using Comply's. I thought they gave a good seal but I was a bit underwhelmed with the sound. I just gave the supplied tips another go and suddenly got a true seal with the triple...