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  1. tailes151

    What to get my brother for X-mas?

    Hmm... I'd suggest the AKG K81DJ's but they're $20 over your budget.
  2. tailes151

    AKG K81 DJ Recable help.

    Alright, so I just ordered some K81's and they should be getting here in a couple days. I'm already concerned about the cheap cables that theyre supposed to come with so I was hoping someone could lead a total re-cable noob in the direction I need to take. I'm not trying to make them sound...
  3. tailes151

    Amping a ZV:M

    Thanks for the fast replies guys.
  4. tailes151

    Amping a ZV:M

    Ok, first things first -- I'm no pro when it comes to audio. I own a pair of HD-555's and a set of KSC-75's. I recently bought the zvm and have been looking to buy a PA2V2 for it. My question was how I would connect the amp to the unit. Do I plug it into the heaphone out? Or do I have to keep...
  5. tailes151

    anyone get their creative v:m from crutchfield?

    I called up awhile ago and was told that they weren't expecting any shipments until atleast the 17th (today). Hopefully some come in.
  6. tailes151

    Sennheiser Giving Away HD595's

    Quote: Originally Posted by CLum Totally agree with the design of the survey. 1 = strongly agree 5 = strongly disagree I wonder if that was a typo. Well, there goes my chances of winning. I gave them mainly 5's.
  7. tailes151

    Sennheiser CX 300 IEM (a personal review)

    I'm trying to find these for a decent price but I can't find them in-stock anywhere. I'm hoping to use them with the new Zen Vision:M that's on its way. Any help please?