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  1. mesasone

    HTC Evo Sound Quality

    I used my Blackberry Bold (AT&T) as a player for a while, and it was alright... I thought the first gen iPhone was better sounding, and the battery life is terrible (though others claim that newer revisions of the Bold - mine is a 9000 - get considerably better battery life when playing music). ...
  2. mesasone

    HiFiMAN 602: Talk about your initial impressions and specs

    The first gen iPhone got over 30 hours of play time - I would know as I had one and it would pretty much last me the entire week on one charge (5-6 hrs a day listening, plus light texting and web surfing.)  The 4th generation that is about to come out is rated at 40 hours playback according to...
  3. mesasone

    iBasso fi.Quest Official Thread

    iBasso is based in China.
  4. mesasone

    Monster Turbine Pro Copper

    Are you guys wearing yours over the ears or down?  I seem to have fewer (well, no) issues with the eartips when I wear them down - but it is a bit less comfortable (imho).
  5. mesasone

    Which semi High end iem should i get if i listen to almost everything

    The mids on the TF10 are a bit recessed, but it is still a very good sounding 'phone.  Some people have fit issues, but I personally do not with the TF10.  The Turbine Coppers are probably a good choice for an all-rounder.  I'm not sure about the availability of the DBA-02s. Last I heard, they...
  6. mesasone

    A tale of 2 IEM's (Montser Turbine Copper 1 vs Monster Turbine Copper 2) How different burnin techniques gave me two unique IEM's

    Thanks for posting the data, it's quite interesting.  I'm not putting too much faith in the iPhone as a dB meter, but who knows. Perhaps you could contact Tyll and see if he could measure the two earphones with his gear, or perhaps run a similar test on other headphones.  Probably busy with...
  7. mesasone

    head-fi portable forum not about SQ anymore?

    Quote:   What?  Many DAP + Amp combos are significantly smaller and often lighter than the CD Players you consider barely portable.  
  8. mesasone

    Phones with good built in mp3 player

    Interesting, I wonder if they added or improved the hardware decoding in later versions.  Yes, on the Bold (9000) it's a real battery hog.
  9. mesasone

    [Deal alert] Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi Noise Isolating Earphones w/ Microphone $60

    Sure, if you want to pay another 75 dollars to get the version with out the mic, go right ahead... the VI should work fine with an mp3 player though.
  10. mesasone

    Klipsch Image X10 or Monster Turbine Pro Copper

    Not having heard either, I would recommend the MTPC only because the X10s for having issues with the cable cracking and the Monsters have a pretty awesome warranty.
  11. mesasone

    Phones with good built in mp3 player

    I've used both my iPhone (first gen, before I lost it) and my Blackberry Bold.  I would recommend the iPhone and not the Blackberry.  I got GREAT battery life on my iPhone (approx 30 hours playtime I think) and really only charged it about once a week.  The iPod software was really nice, as long...
  12. mesasone

    Triple fi sounds much better amped? ER4P amped?

    I think my TF10 sound great out of my Cowon S9, and even better with a portable amp.
  13. mesasone

    Anyone ever own/hear Future Sonics (dynamic customs)?

    Found it:
  14. mesasone

    The Extra Bass of the JH16

    I wouldn't even consider a used custom for more than 50% of it's retail price.  Asking 700-800 dollars for your used JH13 is silly, imho.  JH Audio just had a sale for the JH13 for 899, and that includes full support and warranty.  For those prices, I'd rather wait a little longer for a sale to...
  15. mesasone

    Anyone ever own/hear Future Sonics (dynamic customs)?

    You know, I'm pretty sure there is an Atrio appreciation thread, but a cursory search is not bringing it up.  Hmm.
  16. mesasone

    #$@!!!#!!!!! I keep killing my portables!

    A couple of things. First, Sleek has their Kleer Wireless set, which I believe works with the SA6 if you wanted to go the wireless route.   Secondly, try running the cable under your shirt.  I wear two shirts, and run the cable between my hoodie/t-shirt and my undershirt.  This is completely...
  17. mesasone

    My thoughts on Image S4, Turbine and Turbine Pro Gold

    I purchased my pack of the Sony Hybrids from my local Best Buy.  You can look up in-store availability on their website.
  18. mesasone

    Test Monster Turbine Pro COPPER Headphones

    I'm also looking forward to giving these a test drive - was quite surprised when I received the invitation!   How long did it take for the package to show up for you guys in the first 10?
  19. mesasone

    Audio voltages in relation to audio

    Quote: ---   I think you will want to read up on the properties of Class A, B, and AB amplifiers.
  20. mesasone

    JH13 deal

    The JH13 wouldn't sound any worse even if they do come out with a new model...   Super tempted myself...
  21. mesasone

    Best portable amp for AKG k1000

    Quote: Why would it be a joke?  Do you not think it's even remotely possible the when the OP says they are "often on the road", that perhaps they have a job that requires a lot of travel and don't feel like taking of a full-sized desktop amplifier with them?
  22. mesasone

    JH Audio JH-13 PRO impressions thread

    Except for a few rather extreme settings at VERY high volumes, the EQ on the S9 is great in that it does not introduce clipping or distortions in the output.  No idea how the JH13  specifically sound with the S9 as I only have the later.
  23. mesasone

    Test Monster Turbine Pro COPPER Headphones

    Anyone here from Monster yet regarding the second round of lucky reviewers?
  24. mesasone

    IEM for habitual Headphone/Earphone Destroyer?

    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10, some of the SuperFi models, Etymotic ER-4, Sennheiser IE8, Shure SE425 and SE535, and perhaps a few others in addition to those already mentioned, all have detachable/user replaceable cables. It's a shame this "feature" is restricted to the top of the line models...