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  1. DesmondDavidH

    Mid-size headphone for outdoor

    Hi, I'm looking for a mid-size headphone for *outdoor* use for my iPod classic or Shuffle. Grados or giant cans are out of question, I'm planning to use them while running.    Any suggestion?
  2. DesmondDavidH

    Battles (post-rock, post-everything)

    If you're open to post-rock, experimental or simply just good music, watch this video. The band is called "battles", the album is "mirrored" and is leaked on the internet (is not probably out yet).
  3. DesmondDavidH

    ASIO, better quality?

    Ok, I spent the last hour trying to find info about ASIO. Everything I found was about the better latency, not much more than that. There's something else other than latency? I mean, I'm not a musician nor a producer, I just listen to music (flac/acc/mp3) and latency is nothing I need. So why...
  4. DesmondDavidH

    I'm special, I want a MiniDisc in the MP3 era

    A Hi-MD to be precise. Am I crazy? I think I'll try to look to a used model on ebay. Why? I don't want to afford more than... say... a used 2gb Nano. With much less it seems I can afford a Hi-MD with 3+ discs... and the demand is very very low = very low prices. How do they sound with an...
  5. DesmondDavidH

    white noise from the Prodigy jack, but not from the amp

    I have this strange problem, if I connect my SR60 to my AUDIOTRAK Prodigy 7.1 lineout with headphone amp turned on I have a low white noise, low but annoying and audible. If I turn the amp off via the panal, it disappear. BTW, this is not the setup I use everyday, in fact I plugged the Grado...
  6. DesmondDavidH

    Need opinions for a cheap setup

    I currently have an Audigy on my main rig, it's connected to an old Marantz PM-63 (low-mid range of 8-10 years ago) and I use it to listen to my indie/wave audio collection (lossy and not). I know for sure the best things to do is change my Audigy, probably with an Envy based card (I'm trying to...