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  1. wolfen68

    iBasso DX90 Bug Thread - Post Any Firmware Bugs/Issues Here

    The DX90 sounds great, almost equal to my DX100 for half the price....but I'll start with some operational issues I've had:   1.  Some folks, me included have had difficulty with the DX90's media scanning function not properly building the library and/or resulting in all files tagged as...
  2. wolfen68

    Anyone with Experience Running Audio Technica Headphones in Balanced Mode?

    I was considering trying to run an Audio Technica headphone such as the ESW9 or W1000X in balanced configuration.  Anyone try this, particularly on their full size closed models?    I'm wondering if such an experiment would make things better or worse.  To date every can I've run balanced has...
  3. wolfen68

    Anyone Recable Their ESW9/ESW9A?

    I've been enjoying my new ESW9A, a headphone I heard years ago at a meet and always had interest in.  It sounds really good out of the box.  For portable use, I think of it as a more refined replacement for my KSC-35's (and to my surprise, it also has an engaging full sound that seems to beat...
  4. wolfen68

    Can Anyone Recommend a Tablet PC?

    A friend of mine is looking for a reliable tablet that covers the basics and is cheaper than the ipad.  I am also curious of anyone's expereince successfully intergrating one of the newer models into a the chain of a nice headphone rig.  So far he is looking at this one because of the alluring...
  5. wolfen68

    Need some advice on a good car stereo...

    Hi folks....I need some opinions.... I just got a "new" used car (Pontiac Vibe) and I've decided to put in a decent car stereo. I've put cheap $150 or less aftermarket decks in my cars in the past so I could have a line in for my iriver. They've been OK, but nothing to write home about...
  6. wolfen68

    Where Can I Find This T-Shirt?

    jjcha had posted some National Meet pics and I noticed this guy's T-Shirt...pretty funny: Anybody got an idea where it's from?
  7. wolfen68

    RS-1 vs. Headphile HF-1

    Thanks to forum member Gorthon, I had an opportunity to spend a few hours comparing an RS-1 (reported at 250 hours of usage) to a stock HF-1 and my headphiled HF-1. In some ways, this is a part two continuation of this comparison thread:
  8. wolfen68

    Overall First Impressions: Headphile HF-1 vs. HF-1

    I recently received a modded HF-1 from Headphile (Blacksilver cable and Paduak woodies). After some extensive listening, I have the following side by side comparisons with an unmodified HF-1: For starters, working with Larry: He was very easy to work with and accomodating. The one or two...
  9. wolfen68

    What Song is This? Perhaps My Lamest Post Ever.

    I cannot figure out what song this is. I'm pretty sure it's a mainstream tune and nothing special, but it still mocks me in that I haven't been able to figure out who does it (or what its called). OK, don't make fun of me ..... It was on a Corr's Beer commercial some time ago (last year?)...
  10. wolfen68

    Worried You're Damaging Your Ears? Check This Out.

    OK....with all this talk of hearing damage, I evaluated my listening rig to see where the appropriate safe listening levels were compared to what I usually listen to. I brought a Quest Micro 15 Noise Dosimeter home from work that we typically use for noise level measurement in the workplace...
  11. wolfen68

    What Song is in this Commerical....?

    Just curious because the guy's voice sounds so familiar....who sings the background tune in the Pontiac Torrent commercial? I've only seen one of these commercials out there so hopefully this is an easy question. It's been driving me nuts...thanks.
  12. wolfen68

    For Portable Source People...How High-End of a Headphone is Worthwhile?

    I'm pretty much a portable source person. I've used IEM's, the Koss lineup, and Grado 60's thru 225's. When I was using 225's, I figured I had reached the common-sense pinnacle considering the limitations of the source. However, after getting the HF-1, I have seen a very impressive increase...
  13. wolfen68

    Best Hard Drive Deal I've Ever Seen....

    Worst Buy currently has Western Digital 160 gig hard drives (7200 rpm, ide, 8 mb cache) for only $40 after two mail in rebates (one with BB and one from WD I believe). I think the deal is good through 8/20/05. This would be a cheap start for anyone wanting to archive their own lossless...
  14. wolfen68

    C'mon Companies...Can't we get a decent onboard line-out?

    Is it me, or are the onboard line-outs starting to dry up on today's crop of hard drive players? No cables, docks, or third-party gadgets...just a plain old connection to plug my interconnect and amp into. Is that so wrong or hard to achieve?
  15. wolfen68

    Tired of over analyzing your headphones/setup? Try this trick.

    Tired of over analyzing your headphones/setup? Try this trick. I listen to music in two ways. Sometimes I pay attention to every detail in an effort to gauge the perfomance of my setup. Other times I'm purely listening to music and just enjoying the overall experience. The analytical...
  16. wolfen68

    OK...I feel Like a do you attach pics?

    After all the time I've spent here, I've never attached a pic until today! I attached two pics to a post on a portables forum thread...and they are there...but they don't display automatically. They only show as attachments. So how do I get them to display along with my post for all to see...
  17. wolfen68

    Is a Higher End Amp a Waste of Time?

    I currently use a Go-Vibe with my Iriver ihp140 and Grado 225's. I listen to 200+kbps mp3's. The Go-Vibe makes a big difference and really makes the Grados sound good out of the Iriver (however, the iriver is still a tad shy of my receiver and audigy2 soundcard....but I can live with it)...
  18. wolfen68

    Need Sound Card Advice....Building a New Rig

    I'm researching building a new rig as my current Athlon XP/Geforce 4 doesn't have all the gumption to run Half-Life 2 with eye candy on.....and I want that. I'm stumped on sound cards. I need a good music card, but more importantly, something that will perform without complaint on all the...
  19. wolfen68

    iSkin for Iriver 140 Impressions:

    I just received the iSkin for the Iriver h140 bought direct from Initial impressions are the following. The material is a decent silicone rubber of just the right thickness and consistency. Installing the skin was a snap, and the protecting window seats very nicely...with little...
  20. wolfen68

    Saw another trendy ipod commercial...what song was that?

    While watching Monday night football last night on ABC (Packers vs. Panthers...Go Pack!)...I was surprised to see two ipod commercials. I don't see many as I don't have cable. The first was kinda second commercial had a pretty peppy tune that I'm trying to recognize. Anybody know what this was?
  21. wolfen68

    Go-Vibe with iHP-140 Comments...

    I use my ihp-140 with the headphones in my signature. My main complaint (because I really like the iRiver otherwise) is the cool, dry sound that the 140 produces in comparison to my Archos Recorder. It sounds "digital" and every little defect jumps out at you and it sometimes seems...
  22. wolfen68

    I Tried a ihp-140 for the First Time...

    After hearing about the ihp-140 for several months, I had basically written the unit off due to other's complaints about sound quality. Recently, a friend who is beginning some college coursework stated that a prerequisite for a class was to own a usb pen or some equivalent mass storage...
  23. wolfen68

    Anybody use Iriver ihp-1xx w/Grados?

    How do the Grados perform with the ihp-1xx series? Particularly unamped such with the SR60 ---> SR225.
  24. wolfen68

    Anyone use UE's or Sensa's with an IHP-120/140?

    Anybody have any input if the UE's/Sensa's will shine on a ihp-120/140 (unamped)? Obviously they'll work...but how's the combination?
  25. wolfen68

    Shure E5 vs. UE5c vs. "UE5pro" Mini-Review/Impressions

    The following is not a thorough analysis...but is provided as a courtesy to several members that have requested that I provide some information as soon as I am able. There are some imperfections in my comparisons...I will point these out where I am aware of them. I owned E5's during a 30 day...