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  1. thesurvivor90

    android phone as source

    I had no problem with neutron on Sony. However, sound is even better with clearaudio+ on stock walkman player. Neutron is certainly better sounding than playerpro. But can't beat walkman with clearaudio+ on.
  2. thesurvivor90

    Reply to review by 'thesurvivor90' on item 'Sony MDR-XB600/B Black | EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)'

    well, these are extra bass headphones, you do expect recessed mids. This could dissatisfy audiophiles. i still found them enjoyable to listen to. anyway, where is your review? 
  3. thesurvivor90

    Reply to review by 'thesurvivor90' on item 'Sennheiser CX 175'

    No it's not. It's only noticeable when audio is played. However, the stock Sennheiser eartips has much less hiss than Sony silicon eartips. I thick you could just tune the equalizer a bit for the best sound. The frequencies around 16khz should be tuned down a bit.
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