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  1. Lynolix

    Flare Audio R2PRO Kickstarter campaign

    Anyone have an idea as to what aftermarket tips aside from the Comply's that would fit on the R2s? Don't want to have to constantly replace them.
  2. Lynolix

    Torque's Kickstarter - t096z, t402v, t103z

    EDIT: On second thought, looking at the design more closely which doesn't allow for over-the-ear and what seems like no removable cable makes me hesitant to consider these.
  3. Lynolix

    Torque's Kickstarter - t096z, t402v, t103z

    I wonder what the KS early bird prices will be. It's a painful time to be bargain hunting for new IEMs!   If they are comparable to the Flare R2A's price AUD-wise (and they release their drop before Flare's ends), then I'll probably retract my pledge for the t096z instead.   I really just...
  4. Lynolix

    Flare Audio R2PRO Kickstarter campaign

    So after a few more PM exchanges, I think I'm sold on biting on the R2A. What timely responses from Davis!   In essence, we can expect to hear more reviews in the following weeks or so including "Headphonics and Headfonia publishing reviews next week along with around 20 or so others". If they...
  5. Lynolix

    Music when studying for exams

    For the house flavour, Luomo - Vocalcity, Biosphere - Microgravity and DJ Sprinkles - Where Dancefloor Stands Still, Project Pablo - I Want To Believe are preferences which comes to my mind.   For the scientifically inclined, I recall from my music psychology lectures that there are certain...
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