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  1. WashuTaisho

    This time, one pair for $300-$350

    I don't agree with the idea that the HD-650s are over priced. Although I am a bit biased, I love my 650s and think they're worth every penny I paid for them.
  2. WashuTaisho

    A Review of The Sennheiser HD-650's - Oh So Nice!

    Nice review. Just wait until they burn in, it gets even better.
  3. WashuTaisho

    hearing sounds thats not suppose to be there. is it a bad 320kbps, my headphones or just me.

    Define "complex". Just listen to a bunch of different stuff, and it should be pretty easy to determine if it's the cans or the source.
  4. WashuTaisho

    Something to absorb my subwoofer vibrations

    My roommate uses the styrofoam his 12 inch sub came in, just the bottom piece obviously. It's definitely helped, it used to shake the house and now I can feel/hear it a lot less across the house when he's using it.
  5. WashuTaisho

    Prefences on Skullcandy Headphones/Earbuds

    Definitely whatever you can get the most resale value out of. Sell what you get, and buy real headphones from somewhere else.
  6. WashuTaisho

    Best In-Ear headphones with a 60$ budget

    Quote: I love my S4s, I don't think they sound muffled at all. Could you maybe have gotten a bad pair? I think they're really balanced headphones.
  7. WashuTaisho

    Best bud or iem for unamped Touch

    I my be alone in this, but I really love my Klipsch S4s. They aren't the best overall headphones, but they're good for the price and sturdy too. They even come with a little case to keep them safe.
  8. WashuTaisho

    HD650 confusion, anyone else?

    I've never thought about mood influencing the way my headphones sound. Just curious, have there been any documented studies on this? Or is it all experience based? I totally believe it, I just had never heard or thought of it at all.
  9. WashuTaisho

    Good headphones under $300? (bose or sennheiser)

    Exactly what everyone else has been saying: I used to work at Best Buy (I know, I know) and it frustrated me how much everyone coming in thought that Bose, Beats and skullcandy were the best things ever. Not to say bose and beats are bad, they're just way way way too overpriced. I thought they...
  10. WashuTaisho

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    That's interesting, I don't know anyone with balanced equipment, which is probably a big factor because I've never been able to listen. Some day in the future I may decide to upgrade. Right now I'm perfectly happy with my set up, so I don't think it's worth it yet (especially as a poor college...