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  1. Rizlaw

    "Most Pristine Folk Recording You Ever Heard" Free Download - Chesky Binaural+

    Because this is a special Chesky Binaural+ recording, I felt this was as good a place as any to post this for those who haven't seen it yet. The website "" is promoting, with Chesky, a free full album download of "The New Appalachians - From The Mountain Top". There are...
  2. Rizlaw

    Linux: How to have "nowplaying" info on screen with your favorite music player app.

    If you use Linux as your primary OS for computing and music. You will have noticed that most of your music playing applications do not have the ability to continuously display info about the currently playing track, artist, album name, playing time/total time and cover art on your monitor...
  3. Rizlaw

    Audeze LCD-2 "Vegan" Earpads - feedback, installation & mini-review

    I got my LCD-2.1s in late November 2010. Even with my serial number the folks at Audeze can not be certain whether my pair had the newest "thick" earpads. While mine are angled, they don't appear as thick at the rear as most of the photos I've seen. However, photos can be deceiving. As a result...
  4. Rizlaw

    Fisher X-202-B: Suggestions for 12AX7 tubes (LCD-2 headphone duty)

    I recently had my Fisher X-202-B restored by Craig at NOSValves. She sounds pretty darn good. I had to replace all the original 7591 power tubes with new 7591 JJs and a pair of JJ 12AX7s  in the amp/phase inverter section.   I want to experiment a little to see if I can get even better...
  5. Rizlaw

    ALC889 digital out vs Xonar STX digital out to external DAC > AMP > Headphones/Speakers

    Question:   Assuming a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) properly configured for bit-perfect digital audio output with superior grade parts and power supply, are there any (negative or positive) quantitative differences which would ultimately affect the final analog sound signal heard...