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  1. SilverBlade

    Volume control for SPDIF output?

    Back in January, I purchased KRK speakers for my computer, they sound amazing.  This past week I ordered an iMac 27 inch.  I also read that using SPDIF from the iMac locks the volume at 100%, so I need some way to control the volume.   I know that the KRK's have volume control's at the back...
  2. SilverBlade

    Took the plunge

    I took the plunge and purchased 2 KRK Rokit-Powered G2 speakers to replace my 10 yr old Sony stereo for use with my computer. After 2 days, I am amazed at how much better they sound over the old stereo. Even out of the box, they sounded SO much more superior than any stereo I've heard. I...
  3. SilverBlade

    Fubar IV plus or Dacmagic

    I was originally going to purchase a Cambridge Audio Dacmagic from a local dealer, but then I came across the Fubar IV Plus Dac. Both DAC's have the ability to 'upsample' to 192khz. The Fubar IV Plus costs roughly $200 less than the Dacmagic (in my area, anyways), but Cambridge Audio is a...
  4. SilverBlade

    Is this safe? or will this blow my speakers?

    Using this amp : cityspot 2020 tamp, tripath to control the volume on KRK Rokit-G2 5 monitors. Will this blow/damage my speakers? or is this safe?
  5. SilverBlade

    Looking at these possible setups

    I am looking at two possible setups: 1) Cambridge Audio Dacmagic > T.C Electronic Level Pilot (for volume control) > KRK RP-5 G2 Powered Monitor (x2) OR 2) E-Mu 404 USB > KRK RP-5 G2 Powered Monitor (x2) If I go with option one, the Dacmagic is literally twice as expensive as the...
  6. SilverBlade

    Headphone foam caps??

    Where can one buy the foam caps which fit over the headphone earpieces? (I'm in Canada)
  7. SilverBlade

    Review for Sandisk M250 2 gig

    I just purchased the Sandisk M250 2 gig version Right out of the box I installed the newest firmware and switched it to MSC mode Sound: Very impressed with the sound. It doesn't sound like the average Portable CD player, but to my ears, it sounded really good. Interface: The user manual...
  8. SilverBlade

    Any point in resisting integrated batteries?

    Just as the title says..*is* there much point in resisting mp3 players with integrated batteries? More and more new ones coming out have them, less and less have AA or AAA batteries. Soon you won't be able to find any mp3 players which use AA or AAA batteries, aside from people selling on ebay.
  9. SilverBlade

    Attaching iriver T30 to a USB car stereo?

    I've been reading that the Iriver T30 can be used as a portable flash drive. Has anyone tried to connect the T30 to a USB car stereo?
  10. SilverBlade

    mp3 player with UMS support?

    which mp3 players support Universal Mass storage?... any brand, any company...
  11. SilverBlade

    how much for Sony D-E201?

    I found an old Sony PCDP (Sony D-E201) used, in my parents house. It still works and sounds good (to my ears anyways). If I was to sell it, how much could I possibly get for it?
  12. SilverBlade

    Mp3/CD player with resume?

    I am looking for an mp3/CD player which resumes from where I stopped the player. Like, I stopped the player, start it again a few hours later and can continue off where the play stopped. To me, it doesn't matter if it resumes only at the beginning of the song or not. So..which mp3/CD players...
  13. SilverBlade

    CD player with playlist?

    Is there any current mp3/CD player in the market today that supports playlists?
  14. SilverBlade

    Need help deciding which mp3 player to get

    I have narrowed my options down to 2 choices. The Sandisk e130 and the Sony Hi-MD Dh710. The primary use for the mp3 player would be in my car, hooked up to the stereo through this: The reason why I have these players listed, is that they...