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  1. howiebrou

    McIntosh flagship SACD/CD/Headphone amp player

    Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda $6500 is actually very reasonable for a flagshop model. i've heard plenty of mcintosh gear, but never one of their cd players. Actually their flagship cdp is a two box affair which costs 17k!
  2. howiebrou

    sonus faber guarneri memento

    I have had the Mementos since Jan 07. Lovely speakers! A couple of pictures of their original setup; and their current set up after moving.
  3. howiebrou

    Goldmund V.S. Pioneer !!??

    Quote: Originally Posted by morphsci Please answer my question, who on this thread has heard the Goldmund and Pioneer? I have. The Goldmund sounds much better. No, I don't want to defend its innards but I heard these way before this was an issue and they sound like players...
  4. howiebrou

    Goldmund V.S. Pioneer !!??

    An interesting take on Goldmund YouTube - Ultimate Home Theater: 13,000 Watts, 130dB, $1 Million Price
  5. howiebrou

    Hotel sound system

    How about a Hard drive connected to a Sonos System?
  6. howiebrou

    New Esoteric P-05/D-05

    The P-01 VRDS is unique to the P-01. Even the P-03 and X-01 use a different less robust but still pretty brutal version. The DCS one is not the top VRDS version either. The P-05 is even lower down the tree than the P-03 X-01 versions and Wadia does not use VRDS anymore. They have...
  7. howiebrou

    Meridian 808i owners

    Welly, I heard the 808 was being replaced / upgraded in December 07. That is what my dealer told me as he knows I have been looking at it for a while. He told me to wait. Do you know anything about this?? howie
  8. howiebrou

    best universal player WITHOUT video

    Ayre 5-XE, Esoteric P-03 / D-03 Universal with video turned off, Mcintosh MVP 871.....
  9. howiebrou

    New Esoteric P-05/D-05

    I heard the P05 and D05 a few months ago at a dealer and A/B it with a X-01 unlimited. Same detailed and analytical esoteric sound signature. You get a lot of box for your money there. The transport didn't seem as robust or high quality in the P05 if I remember correctly. Not sure about the...
  10. howiebrou

    Which balanced CDP should I get?

    Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda that thread is 15 pages long; a lot of it repetitive. which posts do you want me to look at. Apologies. Rather than pick particular views I think it would be more fair to let us all make our own decision about this player. I did not have very...
  11. howiebrou

    Chord Blu+DAC64 or Wadia 581i?

    Don't forget Chord's newest Red Standard CDP or Red Reference CDP. BOth have digital inputs to use the Dac. Standard is a little more than the Blu/Dac64 combo but reference is a lot more. IMHO both all three are beaten by the Meridian 808 (i) which is about the same price as the red standard...
  12. howiebrou

    CD players with Digital inputs?

    Not sure about the prices of these but I have also been looking at CDPs with digital inputs to serve a dual function. Ones I have come across so far include Accuphase Dp500, DP78, Wadia 581i, Linderman 820 / 820S, Meridian 808i, Chord Red Standard CDP. Chord Red Reference CDP, Burmester 061/001...
  13. howiebrou

    If I already have an awesome DAC, can I get away with a less expensive universal CDP?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tourmaline It's protected digitally. It is only allowed to playback analogue, hence the 2 or 6 analogue outputs on most sacd players. The signal will be downsampled to pcm stereo. But if i am not mistaken there are a couple of sacd dacs around somewhere. I...
  14. howiebrou

    Audio CD-R blancs

    Wow, so many different brands. I have some Imation "music" Cd-Rs. Can I assume that since they were not mentioned they are, in fact, the dog's a-hole? howie
  15. howiebrou

    Reasonably priced SACD-only player?

    Quote: Originally Posted by earwicker7 I guess I'm saying I just spent $5,000 on a CD player I love, which I'm not getting rid of. And I'm not paying $5,000 just to listen to SACDs. I figured that maybe stuff that only played SACD might be a little cheaper than universal players. Plus...
  16. howiebrou

    Anyone using Grado Cartridge with SME V arm?

    Guys I have a Grado Master reference cartridge for my newly aquired demo avid acutus turntable and now need a tonearm. I was intending to get a SME V arm but have heard compatibility problems (compliance, weight etc) all of which I don't really understand. I found a resonance calculator on...
  17. howiebrou

    Quest for the Best - High End CD Player

    A very interesting read! Thanks.
  18. howiebrou

    Squeezebox/Transporter question

    Quote: Originally Posted by immtbiker howiebrou, I spoke to the Slim Devices representative at the National and he said, in reality, you should only expect about 50' of range...not normal wi-fi range. The Transporter, with it's 2 external antennas can probably double the range...
  19. howiebrou

    Quest for the Best - High End CD Player

    Quote: Originally Posted by neilvg Wow Howiebrou, that is great info. Have you heard about the APL Hifi NWO 2.5t modified (gutted) Esoteric UX-1 CD-Player? I have yet to hear anything as good although the MBL 1621/1611 and the Meitner SE comes close. Oh... and welcome to headfi...
  20. howiebrou

    Quest for the Best - High End CD Player

    I thought I would copy this post from the AK forum which I posted before as it might be relevant to this thread: I have been busily auditioning several brands of CD players since the demise and return of my very nice sounding MCD201 to my Mc dealer. I am keeping a very open mind on all...
  21. howiebrou

    Quest for the Best - High End CD Player

    Quote: Originally Posted by tmarshl Does anybody know if the EMM Labs CDSA SE is available with a black faceplate? Black faceplates: 1. Meridian 808 2. MBL (well, black and gold) 3. Metronome CD5 / T2i 4. Audio Research Ref CD7 5. Mcintosh MCD/MDA 6. Krell 7. Mark...
  22. howiebrou

    Quest for the Best - High End CD Player

    Quote: Originally Posted by tmarshl Funny you should mention that. For the last two years I have been running the digital coax output from my MS300 through an MDA 1000 DAC. I used FLAC for recording my 600 CDs. I would say this setup is great for casual listening, incredibly convenient...
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