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  1. milkweg

    Summer is upon us and it is only May still

    I had to turn on the AC already because it was too hot for me. I don't usually turn it on until the end of June. I live in the B.C. interior and it can get very hot and dry here during the summer. Wish I was rich so I could have a home in an area with a colder summer climate to go to for the few...
  2. milkweg

    I was hungry...

    ...until I saw this. 15 Strangest Foods - (strange foods, bizarre foods)
  3. milkweg

    The 256 year old man

    Believe it, or not. Bodyshock: The Amazing Story behind the 256 Year-Old Man
  4. milkweg

    It wasn't me

    London Free Press - Canada & World- Tiger mauls New Zealand zookeeper to death An animal keeper was mauled to death Wednesday by a rare white tiger at a wildlife park in New Zealand while visitors watched in horror, police said.
  5. milkweg

    Best cover of a Joy Division song you have ever heard?

    For me it is Kendra Smith doing Heart and Soul. She used to be bass player for Dream Syndicate then played with a band called Opal and then went solo and did a couple of EPs and one studio album and then became a hermit. Just bought her album called Five Ways of Disappearing from iTunes and it...
  6. milkweg

    audiotechnica no longer makes A/D900?

    I see A/D700 but not A/D900 on their website. Why is that? Audio-Technica - Microphones, headphones, wireless microphone systems, noise-cancelling headphones & more
  7. milkweg

    The earth is currently 3c below average temp

    Look at this url. Astronomy Picture of the Day It says currently earth is possibly 4c below average temp compared to last 100 mil years but in the last 100 years it has risen 1c. That means we are still 3c below average. My point is this: what is the big deal about all these concerns over...
  8. milkweg

    Great price on DT990pro headphones for Canucks

    This price is less in CAD than it is in USD at Crap, I ordered mine from the U.S. because I couldn't find a Canadian supplier at the time and I got soaked on the exchange rate. Long & McQuade - Products - Beyer Dynamic DT990PRO - Open Studio Headphones 250 Ohms $225.00 CDN
  9. milkweg

    Let me put it another way. (re:Is AKG K271MKII good for punk/grunge?)

    Looking for another set of headphones with a bit of rolled off highs for music that sometimes can benefit from such a headphone. Is K271MKII suitable for my purpose or is there another headphone that is smooth sounding with a bit of rolled off treble that is better and not too expensive?
  10. milkweg

    Free Headphones!

    Get yours now while supplies last! I see 3 pairs of different ATH headphones on this page that are listed for $0.00. ???
  11. milkweg

    Madonna has outsold Bowie!

    I'm shocked that such a vacuous musical novelty like Madonna can outsell the likes of Bowie. Especially considering that he has been making records for quite a bit longer than her too. What is this world coming to? List of best-selling music artists - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. milkweg

    I just don't trust these HD650s as being legit

    I mean, look at the price. CAD: $437.85 In Canada the HD650 cost between $600.00 CAD and $650.00 CAD (which is way overpriced by Sennheiser Canada themselves and not the stores) at any sore I have seen (online and retail) so how is it possible for this store to sell them for so much less if they...
  13. milkweg

    Any idea why my new avatar isn't animated?

    My avatar is an animated .gif but it's not animated here. If I use a remote server instead like imageshack then headfi complains that it is too large. It is only 30.3kb. Is it because it is .3kb over the limit?
  14. milkweg

    Ever hear the soundtrack to the movie Diva?

    I used to have it on cassette back in the early '80s but no longer have it. I see amazon says it is to be re-released on CD on March 19th. If you like Opera and Ambient music then you should get it. Diva (Original Soundtrack): Various Artists: Music
  15. milkweg

    Bose headphone displays are against hygiene health laws?

    Whenever I ask in a store if I can listen to any headphones I am interested in they always say they can't do that anymore due to hygiene health laws. Well, then why are they allowed to have those Bose demo displays if that is true?
  16. milkweg


    It's Valentines Day and I have no one to be with tonight. Edited by moderator
  17. milkweg

    Like classical guitar?

    If you do watch this. YouTube - Paganini_Caprice_no_24
  18. milkweg claims both Bose and Skullcandy have good headphones

    Look at some of the other gear they recommend and you will see they are not known for recommending sub par products. TAS Speaker Buyer’s Guide 2009: desktop to stand mounted | AV Guide Skullcandy Titan $50 More so than most other in-ear headphones anywhere near this...
  19. milkweg

    Which surround sound receivers have best DAC?

    Let's say $2,000.00 and under. I'm thinking maybe Denon but not sure.
  20. milkweg

    What do you think about tuning dots?

    Yesterday I bought a pair of Totem Sttaf speakers and noticed these blue dots on the top edge of each tweeter. Nothing in the literature about them that came with the speakers so just did a bit of research and found out they are called tuning dots and are supposed to help with resonance or some...
  21. milkweg

    Zeitgeist 2008

    Downloaded and installed this web based media player called Songbird and it had a link to the hype machine so checked it out. That led me to zeitgeist 2008 which is 50 best albums of 2008 voted by bloggers and not the media. You can listen to each album in their entirety. Top 50 Albums of...
  22. milkweg

    Mick Jagger has ants in his pants

    Watched that Martin Scorcese film on the Stones last night and Mick Jagger can not stand still for more than 2 seconds. He tends to shout more than sing too. Not impressed.
  23. milkweg

    What software to use to re-master my MP3s?

    I have some MP3s that I would like to alter by getting rid of some distortion in the top end and maybe enhance the bass too. Know any free software I can do that with?
  24. milkweg

    Should the U.S., Myanmar and Liberia be encouraged to go metric?

    Get with the program dudes. Metric system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia According to the US CIA World Factbook in 2006, the International System of Units is the primary or sole system of measurement for all nations except for Myanmar, Liberia and the United States.[1]
  25. milkweg

    Tip if buying Lunchbox Pro

    Make sure to tell them to send the correct power cable when ordering. Received mine on Saturday and was sent a three prong cable when the Lunchbox only uses a 2 prong cable so it wouldn't fit into the back of the Lunchbox. If it wasn't for the fact I happened to have the exact cable I needed not...